"I have been doing sessions in the Phila area for 35 years...and Mistress Tissa is at the very top of all those years. "

John, Philadelphia

​​​If you're looking for the real deal, you've found Her.


With beauty, a statuesque 5'9" physique (6'3" in one of my over 100 pair of fetish heels), intelligence, highly-developed intuition, confidence, a well-balanced sensuality and sadism, and a very palpable Alpha energy, I’m a natural Dominatrix.

For those seeking run-of-the-mill “drive-thru” experiences, I'm not the Dominatrix for you. My style is very personal and intimate, and suited for players desiring high-quality, professional, and exciting scenes crafted with great attention to our mutual interests and a focus on establishing a connection with you.

My private dungeon, Temenos, is well-equipped and in a safe and easily accessible section within the city of Philadelphia. I enthusiastically welcome individuals and couples of any sex, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, color, nationality, religion, body type, (dis)ability, and legal age.

I'm comfortable with a range of experience levels and interests. Whether you're a nervous first-timer or you're someone who began exploring BDSM decades ago. I enjoy play from mild, casual and laid-back fun all the way to emotionally intense, heavy degradation and corporal designed to “break” you. Every session is tailored to your unique needs.


I'm especially compatible with the more introspective or intellectual types seeking play with more awareness and depth. With My philosophical nature, aptitude for the mind and behavior, and an educational and professional background in psychology, you will see this reflected in my approach.

Wherever you’re at, and wherever you want to go, I offer you the respect needed to know you can fully trust Me and lose yourself in our time together. I'm not interested in just getting you in and out of My dungeon, I'm interested in a mutually satisfying experience -- maybe even changing your life.


I am a Dominatrix offering Domination, fetish, and fantasy entertainment for consenting adults.

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