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Looking for the "Real Deal"? An authentic FemDom who isn't practicing "50 Shades" of bullshit?

You've found her.


Dominance isn't something I perform for you. It is the context from which the entirety of my personality is expressed. Being a Dominant is my nature. It 's how I'm wired.

For 30 years I've been aware of and consciously honed my Dominance as I explored the psychology and expression of power. It's been an ongoing process of introspection and experimentation which has resulted in a mastery I otherwise would not have had.  I believe this puts me in a class by myself, as this level of experience is almost (if not) entirely unmatched in professional BDSM.

This means that experiences with me are not "FemDom" performances but reflections of a genuine understanding of how to wield my power instinctively and completely. Because of this, scripted scenes are uninteresting and a waste of my natural talents. Instead, I work my way into your psyche using my insight, intuition, and imagination, where I create a scene based on our interests and unique interplay of energies.

Add chameleon-like beauty, a statuesque 5'9" physique (6'3" in one of my over 100 pair of fetish heels), wisdom and intelligence, highly-developed intuition, resolute confidence, a well-balanced sensuality and sadism, a very palpable Alpha energy and I’m a natural Dominatrix.

Though showing signs of being kinky at a very young age, I became more seriously involved in BDSM/kink as a practice and culture in 2007, and in early 2015 transitioned into a full-time professional.

Since that time, I've been told by my peers and subs that I've "raised the bar", am a "FemDom icon" and "legend". A pioneer by nature, I offer unique insights and an authentic approach to and practice of FemDom and BDSM as a whole. For genuine power exchange and a deeper level of engagement, I provide experiences in a class of my own.

Life is a "choose your own adventure".

My life choices have cultivated the wisdom to know what I want and the understanding of how to manifest it, honestly and directly, without manipulations and games.​​

​I'm a person who respects matters of principle and ethics. Honesty, responsibility, and professionalism are important to me personally and central to my practice. I find being a person of integrity more rewarding than compromising my values for temporary rewards of money or status.


I'm a conscious practitioner of inclusion and have cultural competency with various sexualities, gender identities and presentations, ethnicities, colors/colorism, religions and spiritualities, socioeconomics, health conditions/chronic illness, and life experiences. I want everyone to feel invited to explore and express. (Reaching legal age and being respectful are the only requirements.)


I have a no-nonsense approach and will be forthright with you. If I don't think I'm the right Domme for you, I will tell you so. I'm not the type to book a session with someone I don't believe I'm compatible with in order to make money.

I'm capable of deep understanding and compassion as much as I'm capable of tearing you to shreds, but I have well-established boundaries and limits. For those who are immature, entitled, incapable of manners, or otherwise full of bullshit, I have no resources to allocate to those types of behaviors. If this describes you, come back when you're no longer those things. You're not ready for me yet.


In addition to My knowledge and skills in BDSM, I have a B.A. in Psychology and have completed work toward an M.A. in Clinical Psychology, where I had training to be a psychotherapist.


I have professional and personal experience as a counselor, coach, and sexual behavior and health educator.


While I have assisted and supported others with a wide variety of issues, My passions are around identity, sex, intimacy, and relationships. In particular, I enjoy working with others and their feelings of embarrassment, shame, guilt, and grief around sex and sexuality, especially BDSM, fetish, and fantasy.

I'm also deeply passionate about helping others understand, assert, and negotiate their sexual, emotional, and relationship needs. I offer professional coaching in these areas to both individuals and couples. (Please see the Coaching page for more information.)

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