Some of my COVID protocol has changed effective May 26, 2021. Changes are listed here.

UPDATE: I have added a certified HEPA air filtration system to my dungeon. This will better purify the air and further reduce the chance of transmission. My protocols (below) have not changed.


We are in the midst of a pandemic.


The nature of the SARS-CoV2 virus has yet to be fully understood. It seems to affect people very differently, some having little to no symptoms, others developing a severe, debilitating illness that has resulted in the deaths of over 3,500,000 people worldwide  since the outbreak began. While the death rate from confirmed cases is relatively low, the issue is that some of the people who died were thought to be healthy and low risk. Therefore, it's smart to take precautions in case we end up being one of those people.


I take this very seriously. I hope you are, too.

Some of you are asking, "Is it possible to play safely?"

The answer is yes. But some precautions need to be taken:


  • Playing only with those who are negative or who are unlikely to be positive. You cannot pass a virus you do not have.

  • Introducing barriers to transmission. If someone IS positive, a barrier can drastically reduce transmission.

  • Not engaging in high-risk activities. Eliminating direct routes to transmission makes things harder to pass.

Those of us who have been practicing responsible physical distancing, mask-wearing, and routine sanitizing are much less likely to be carriers. Therefore, we are more likely to be able to safely play with one another.

With this in mind, I decided to invite like-minded subs, slaves, and sluts to come play with me.

However, I do have some special terms during this unique time.


1. You must be willing to wear a mask for the entirety of your visit. Your vaccination status does not make you exempt. This means you show up in wearing your mask and you don't take it off until you leave. I will be doing the same. This is mandatory. Other businesses are still requiring masks whether you are vaccinated or not. For the time being, I'm doing the same.


Studies have shown in many different instances that the introduction of barriers will reduce the risk of the transmission of organisms. A mask is a barrier which can significantly reduce this chance. The reported efficacy rate of the vaccines ranges from 66% to 95%. This means 5% - 33% of fully vaccinated people are estimated as having an infection risk. Introducing a mask will reduce these chances to very small numbers.


The mask you wear must be suitable. An N95, surgical, or multilayered mask is required and it must fit over both your nose and mouth. Dirty, flimsy, ill-fitting, or especially porous masks will not suffice -- and if you arrive wearing one you will be turned away. If you are unwilling to do that I will be unable to see you at this time. (Don't worry about finding it distracting. I will have you thinking about other things. It can even be incorporated into our scene.)

2. You must agree to a health screening. I will be asking you some questions which I expect you will answer honestly. Lying could end up with someone in the hospital. At worst, in a grave. I will be extending trust to you, as you extend trust to me. If I discover you were lying, chances are very good I will ban you from seeing me for life.

3. You must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds upon arrival. This reduces the chance of your bringing it into my environment.


4. Some types of play are off-limits during this time. Anything that poses a greater risk of transmission will not be allowed. IF YOU ASK FOR THEM I WILL AUTOMATICALLY DECLINE TO PLAY WITH YOU. Your MENTIONING them in your session request will be interpreted as asking for them in the scene. This includes:

  • multi-person sessions (this does not include couples)

  • gags

  • full hoods (due to how they will interfere with a mask)

  • spit play

  • vacbed

  • my putting my feet/shoes/boots in your mouth

  • CEI

  • domestic fetish or service

  • anything else that exposes nostrils or mouth

5. You must agree to notify me if you experience any symptoms of illness within 2 weeks of our session. This is to keep track of the origins of any spread and to minimize them.


1. My availability will be 2pm to 10pm, Monday through Sunday. Special circumstances will be considered but I ask that you please work within my hours.

2. I will require increased notice for sessions. For new clients, at least 2 business days and for existing clients at least 1 day. No exceptions.

3. I will not conduct any sessions exceeding 3 hours. This is a risk reduction measure.

4. I will not be accepting any outcall requests.


5. I will be relaxed about cancellations and rescheduling. Normally I penalize for a same-day cancellation (i.e. between 4-24 hours prior to our session) and even more so for a last-minute cancellation (i.e. 4 hours or less prior to the start of our session). I will be allowing same-day cancellations without loss of deposit and only a $50 fee for last-minute cancellations (you will be allowed to apply the balance of your deposit to a future session.) My increased flexibility for cancellations is for people who feel ill before the session. It does not include your being flaky. Please do not lie about not feeling well to get out of a session. I will have made a lot of preparations for you so we can have a safe, hot time. Taking advantage of my relaxed policy is deeply inconsiderate.

6. My shower is currently not available to guests.

The rest should be the same. As usual, if you'd like to request a session, please visit my contact page and complete the form letting me know some preliminary info about you and then type of session you're looking for.

Hope to play with you soon!

Mistress Tissa