3/2/2022: COVID protocol changes:

On March 1st, the City of Philadelphia discussed dropping their masking mandates. Though they did not set a date, I had already been considering when to move to the next phase of my masking protocol, so I set mine for March 20th.

As of March 2nd, they have dropped masking in all but Federal buildings. As a result, I have changed my protocol to be effective immediately.

As of April 18th the City of Philadelphia has reintroduced masking for indoor spaces, despite no one else in the country mandating them and it being against the CDC's recommendation. Though I will not be reinstating mandatory masking, you're still welcome to make the request that masks be worn. I still may or may not be able to honor your request. It will depend on what kind of scene you're requesting.


  1. Masks are no longer required for anyone. New clients will not be required to wear masks by default.

  2. New clients will now have the option of requesting full hoods, gags, and consumption (e.g. CEI), not just existing clients.

  3. Both existing and new clients will be allowed to request spit play, foot or heel/boot Domination with mouth play, and other instances in which your mouth is exposed.

  4. Activities that have been completely off limits, such as vacbed, multi-person sessions (couples in the same household are exempt), and domestic fetish or service will be once again available.

  5. I'm willing to conduct scenes longer than 3 hours. I may decline them in some cases and will tell you before you schedule.

  6. I will run my HEPA air purifier as needed or requested.

  7. I'm willing to consider scenes at other professional dungeons or play parties (I no longer offer sessions in hotels)

  8. I will reinstate my standard cancellation policy, which is described on my protocol page.



  1. As is always the case, and as reflected within the "RACK" (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) philosophy, you are ultimately responsible for whatever risks you choose to assume when you come for a session. If you have health concerns or are high-risk for a complication please take precautions to keep yourself safe. If you would like me to help you reduce those risks I cannot if I'm not made aware of them. Even when I am, I obviously cannot promise a risk-free experience. No one can.

  2. Like me, you are still responsible for disclosing any windows of exposure, positive test results, and symptoms, in the two weeks before or after our session. This is so that I can make an informed decision about a session with you. Honesty about this helps build trust.

  3. You may still request that you and/or I wear a mask for a scene if you are not comfortable removing it entirely. I will likely honor your request, but if I don't believe I can I will be up-front with you about it. When I might not be able to honor your request is if you (1) ask for a more physical scene, such as body Dom/rough body play (anything that gets my heart rate and breathing up), or (2) ask for a scene longer than 2 hours. Based on my experience I find these situations challenging with a mask.

  4. I still, and will always, reserve the right to decline to engage in activities or to session altogether with someone I believe to be a risk to myself or others or who has otherwise violated the terms of our agreement.




Hope to see you soon!

Mistress Tissa