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In March of 2017, I was pretty heavily attacked online by a mentally disturbed Domme here in Philadelphia. She spent an obviously remarkable amount of time making up tabloid-esque stories about me being a man, having a penis, spreading "anal herpes", being a drunk, drug addict, a thief (sometimes spelled "theif"), and whatever else she thought would scare people. She then posted these things as "session reviews", not on any legitimate BDSM forums that people in our community actually use, but on a multitude of unregulated, gossip-style sites well-known as havens for defamation. She has done the same to several other Dommes in and outside of Philadelphia. Sometimes just recycling the same story but swapping in a different name. It's comical how transparent it is.


So, how do you know who it is?  How does any detective figure anything out? Following the leads. She's a pretty sloppy criminal and left several clues I easily strung together. After I came to my conclusion I shared it with the other Dommes in the city who confirmed I was correct. They told me she has a reputation as being unstable with a long history of conniving and abusive behavior. I know you want to know who I'm talking about, but, unfortunately, I don't want to reveal that here both for legal reasons and because her reaction to being called out is to viciously retaliate with more harassment, defamation, and threats. I have no time or interest in dealing with such nonsense. You will have to take my word that I, and other Philly Dommes, know exactly who it is and have for some time. When appropriate, clients have been notified privately.

In what was not her first run in with the law, she once again "Fucked Around and Found Out" and was finally taken to court for defamation, where she lost to a staggering sum. So staggering an article was written about the case, which you can find online. This forced her to shutter her site, abandon or delete her social media accounts, take down her ads, and "disappear" for a little while. Despite this, she comes back and tries again (see below).



Mistress, Is any of what she said about you true?  Not a single word. I don't have a penis (sorry to disappoint you penis fetishists out there), I don't have "anal herpes" (I think she means genital herpes, but, hey, she's making stuff up so you can't expect accuracy), I'm not a drunk or drug addict (and never have been), I don't steal (I don't need to rob people and I respect myself too much to ever consider it), and I sure as hell don't ruin lives (ask all my subs). I've been involved in the BDSM scene for over 15 years and have a reputation as a top-notch professional. This is because I'm an intelligent, emotionally mature, and ethical person, and I treat my craft and my clients with great respect and care. There is absolutely no way I could do or be any of those things she wrote about me and still be around.


Why do you think she's targeting you?  Given we don't know each other, and I haven't done or said anything to her, the most logical explanation is envy. I think her perceptions of my success is probably triggering her feelings of failure. So, she's tried (in vain) to sabotage me by stoking people's fears that I'm a bad person. What I think is happening is what's called "psychological projection". Everything she writes is her subconsciously telling on herself. I and other Dommes are not a "psycho", "cunt", drunk, and thief, she is. (Apparently, there'struth to this, confirmed by people who have known her.)

Why haven't you had these sites take down this defamation?  A few reasons: It keeps records of her activity. Every thing she does and the trail of how she got there is logged, somewhere. This is very good for me and very bad for her. She found this out when data-behemoth Google was subpoenaed during the discovery process of her defamation suit. (The subpoena is public record.) They likely turned over everything they had on her: her accounts, her email, her web searches, etc. Another reason is because in some cases I can't. Some of these websites intentionally make the content posted impossible to remove. The people who use them bank on this in their attempt to ruin people's lives.

Why don't you try to reason with her?  Because it almost assuredly will be futile. Her illness means she lacks the capacity for empathy and remorse, and she seems to find satisfaction in hurting others, which is why you will see her pop up periodically, pretending to be a sub, client or stalker, to try again and again with the same story. You know it's her because she is literally the only one who follows us around online and harasses us with the same tabloid tale about us being a "thief", "whore", or "cunt", repeating her line of "the things written about you", which is a painfully obvious attempt to get ego satisfaction by bringing attention to all the phony stories she's written under various fake names. She feels powerless and this is how she tries to feel powerful. It's a very unfortunate situation that is best quietly reported and then ignored. Eventually, she will get a comeuppance she will not be able to run away from.

​If you'd like even more detail about this, I wrote a blog entry shortly after it happened. You can find it here. It includes testimony from friends and clients.

Thank you for reading.

Mistress Tissa

MistressTissa Defamation "Man" "Trans" "Penis" "Herpes" "Thief"

An example. This isn't the experience of a client, it's a former Philly Domme who has nothing better to do than spend her time online making up "horror stories" about other Dommes. A person can write anything about anyone on sites like these. The accompanying photo was stolen from my site to try to make it look more legit.

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