In March of 2017, I received an email through the session form on my contact page. It was from an unknown entity that claimed they had been interested in sessioning with me but changed their mind when they saw some awful things written about me on some website. It included a link to a well-known trash-talking site. On this site was a story about me being "trans" with a penis who had given them "anal herpes" and ruined their life. This message was followed up hours later with another similar email which linked to even more sites in which this story had been posted.


What was immediately obvious to me was that when someone isn't interested in a session they don't send you a comically taunting message to tell you. Instead, they avoid contact. Another obvious quality was that the timestamp of these emails was shortly after the story had been posted on these sites. It couldn't have been more clear that the person who sent these emails was the same person who wrote what was on those sites -- and this was their way of getting me to pay attention to them.

A handful of other events happened in the next several days which lead me to a direct trail of who it was. I don't want to detail those things at this time because good detectives don't tell you their techniques. Also, the person who did it will use that to attempt to concoct an alibi for herself. Yes, it's a her. Specifically, another "pro" Domme here in Philadelphia.

I haven't been the only target of her attacks. Most of the Dominatrices in Philadelphia, as well as a few outside the city, have had the same or similar story posted about them. She has also added additional stories about me and other Dommes stealing deposit money (she likes to say we use Venmo, which I have never used), we're drug addicts, drunks, late for sessions, dangerous, psychotic, and more. If you search for other Philadelphia Dommes you will see the same story repeated over and over, just changing the name each time. She isn't a very smart person, but she is smart enough to have posted the story with her own name, as an attempt at an alibi. So the process of elimination won't work if you try to see who's missing. But if you poke around enough you will figure out who it is.

Unfortunately, I cannot simply publicly disclose her identity at this time. There are multiple reasons for this. One of those reasons is because she very viciously retaliates any time she has been exposed and confronted. This has resulted in additional harassment, defamation, and threats of bodily harm. Ain't nobody got time for that. You will have to take my word that I, and several other Dommes, know exactly who it is, and have for some time. And, when appropriate, clients have been notified privately.

If it's not painfully obvious, this "session review" is completely made up. Nothing about it is true. Ignore that it litters a staggering number trash-talking sites, or that there are replies which claim to corroborate this fictional experience with me, it's all the work of this Domme. She has spent an extensive amount of time trying to make me look bad. Her dedication to this is very disturbing and very sad.

Those who know me and have sessioned with me can attest to the absurdity of these claims. I'm a highly ethical person who treats my craft and my clients with the utmost respect and care. I'm also talented and good at what I do. Obviously, this Domme is very envious of this and terrified of those she believes are a threat to her. Of course, the actual threat to her isn't any of us, it's herself.

Why haven't I had these sites take down this defamation? A few reasons: One is that I'd like to retain a trail of her activity for the time being. Each thing she does is logged. This is very good for me and very bad for her. Another is because in some cases I can't. Some of these websites intentionally make the content posted impossible to remove. The people who use them bank on this in their attempt to ruin people's lives.


Those who create these trashy websites and people like this Domme who exploit them are matches made in heaven. They're emotionally-troubled, bitter, and vindictive types of people coming together to harm those who have done absolutely nothing to them. It's how people who feel powerless try to feel powerful.

I wrote a blog entry about this shortly after it happened, in which I go into more detail. If you would like to see it, you can find it here. It includes testimony from people who know me, unlike this Domme.

Thank you for reading.

Mistress Tissa