What is the difference between the position we assume, the role we inhabit, and how they relate to fetishism? I explore these fundamental aspects of BDSM to clarify your own interests and enhance your experiences. (This expands on my article "What Am I: Dominant? Submissive? Top? Bottom?")

How does a soft limit differ from a hard limit? Understanding limits is an important part of BDSM and I explain these two here.

If you've spent any time in the kink scene, you will have heard this phrase. In this article I discuss what it is and why it's a problem for many players.

Dominant women are sometimes maligned for assuming a submissive role. We are said to not be "real" Dommes. Learn why we might submit and why it doesn't mean we can't be genuine Dominants.

Do you have a fantasy of being "forced" to suck or fuck a cock? Are you a cuck or cuck-curious? In this article I explain the planning and risks involved in this type of play so you are informed before embarking on making these hot fantasies reality.

Are you unsure if you're overstepping your bounds when you ask for a session or what a Domme means when She says "no scripted scenes"? This article may help you understand what might be okay and what might not.

A quick guide to preparing yourself for a session.

Why am I into that? Here, I explore some possibilities from a psychological perspective.

Confused about where you fit in? I explain these four basic concepts and how they both relate to one another and how they differ.

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