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Looking for the "Real Deal"?

An authentic FemDom who isn't practicing "50 Shades" of bullshit?

You've found her.

"Why have I been wasting my time with all these other Dommes?? ... you truly are One in a million."

sub g, New York City

I'm not the "girl next door". I'm the tall, exotic Goddess who stops you in your tracks when she passes you in the aisle at the grocery store or the one you can't stop staring at as she sits in a dark corner at the bar. The one who makes you think, "Who is that??" The one who draws you to her like a magnet. If you're lucky to get close enough, her gaze penetrates your defenses, her trail of perfume entices you, her energy crackles and her sly smile bewitches you. You want to know her and fantasize she takes you home with her. And if she does? You discover from her intellect, words, laugh, and touch that she's a completely different class of Woman. In knowing her you may never be the same.


"You look even better in person than in Your photos. ... Your Dominant commanding presence and probing eyes overwhelmed me. But I also loved seeing you betray a beautiful smile here and there ...It was quite easy for me to fall under Your spell"


slave 70, New Jersey

Dominance isn't an act I perform for you. It isn't something I do for kinks or cash. It's foundational to my core being. It's the context from which the entirety of my personality is expressed. Being a Dominant is my nature. It's how I'm wired.

For 30 years I've consciously honed my Dominance as I explored the psychology and expression of power. Though deep introspection and continuous experimentation -- mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually -- I became my own test subject. Though this practice I have developed a heightened awareness that I have applied deliberately in an ongoing process of personal evolution which has resulted in a wisdom that I otherwise would not have had. From this I have become an expert in the psychological and practical aspects of power and developed a mastery in its expression and exchange. This includes the understanding and acceptance of its responsibilities.

"I am very in tune other peoples energy and have not experienced one similar to yours prior to this, I would consider it as a gift."

Venus, Pennsylvania


I have studied additional subjects that not only interest me intellectually but complement my psychospiritual practice. I have an advanced education in Psychology; independent research in biology and physiology; highly developed proprioception and kinesthesia from 8 years of dance training, yoga (intermittently since 1998), athletics, and even a little aikido; along with my own self-styled, artful discipline in eroticism over many years. I believe this unique combination makes me a one-of-a-kind find.

"I feel fortunate to be able to session with such a beautiful, skilled, intuitive, sensual, sadistic dominatrix. "

Monkey Dick, New Jersey

To this, add a chameleon-like beauty, a statuesque 5'9" physique (6'3" and up in one of my over 100 pair of fetish heels), refined intelligence, keen intuition, natural confidence, emotional maturity, a well-balanced sensuality and sadism, a very palpable Alpha energy--and I make the consummate Dominatrix.

Though I showed obvious signs of having a Dominant and kinky personality at a very young age, I didn't integrate BDSM / kink into my life until 2007, after the dissolution of a framework in which I did not belong. Once I found "home", I spent several years in study and development until, in January of 2015, I transitioned into a full-time professional.

"With others after a couple of sessions i’ve felt like i’ve “touched the bottom of the pool”...With MT after several sessions i still go into each one with new excitement wondering where She will take me. Genuine dominance can’t be faked."

sub c, South Carolina

Since that time, I've been told by my peers and subs that I've "raised the bar", am a "FemDom icon" and "legend". The combination of my rebellious and pioneering nature has lead me to forge my own approach to FemDom and BDSM as a whole. For genuine power exchange and a deeper level of engagement, I provide experiences in a class of my own.

I'm genuine and no-nonsense. No pretense or games. Many people have remarked that when they meet me I actually feel like a real person and not a FemDom persona. Though I tend to lead with a more serious demeanor, once you speak with me you will find I'm very personable: warm, engaging, empathetic, ready to laugh and make laugh, and possessing a probing curiosity and what you may find an infectious joie de vivre.

"Mistress good at what She does...i am in awe of her strength, intelligence, uncanny intuition and her high ethical standards. She is an intimidating force to be reckoned with in all the right ways."​​

beth, New York City

I pride myself on my integrity. I find this quality seems increasingly difficult to find in modern times, where lying, stealing, and being pathologically selfish is pervasive. Personal responsibility is central to my values and professionalism to my practice. I find staying true to this more rewarding than compromises for temporary rewards of material objects or status.


I'm a conscious practitioner of inclusion and have cultural competency with various sexualities, gender identities and presentations, ethnicities, colors/colorism, religions and spiritualities, socioeconomics, health conditions/chronic illness, and life experiences. I want everyone to feel welcome to my dungeon.


I'm a direct person who doesn't like bullshit. If I don't think I'm the right person for you or that your scene isn't a good idea for you, I will tell you so. I'm not the type to book a session with someone I don't believe I'm compatible with or perform activities in scene from which I receive no enjoyment in order to make money.

Though I'm capable of deep understanding and compassion, as much as I'm capable of tearing you to shreds, this does not mean I'm gracious to those who display problematic behavior. For those who are immature, entitled, incapable of manners, or otherwise full of bullshit, I have no resources to allocate to those types of behaviors. If this describes you, come back when you're no longer those things. You're not ready for me yet.

As a complement to my practice as a Dominatrix, I utilize both my background in Psychology and my natural aptitude for the mind and behavior to offer coaching and counseling to individuals and couples.


Though I have supported others with a wide variety of issues, my passions are around identity, sex, intimacy, and relationships. In particular, I enjoy working with others and their feelings of embarrassment, shame, guilt, and grief around sex and sexuality, especially BDSM, fetish, and fantasy.

I'm also deeply passionate about helping others understand, assert, and negotiate their sexual, emotional, and relationship needs.


If you would like more information, please see my Coaching page.


Remember the hidden tracks they used to put at the end of CDs? This is my equivalent.

Since you are clearly curious and thorough, let me reward you with some Fun Things About The Mistress:

  • I love creative pursuits and have tried most of them: dance, music, acting, musical theater, drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing, photography, videography, graphic art, web design, and most recently lapidary.

  • I've been a vegetarian for 29 years, with vegan tendencies in about the last 4 or 5.

  • As you may guess, I adore animals. I've been feeding a colony of 6-9 strays for almost 7 years and currently have two cats adopted from one of their litters.

  • I was in Kindergarten for only 2 weeks. My mother told me the teacher called her and said I was bossing her around and that I was bored. (Baby Domme!) They gave me an IQ test, I scored high, and they wanted to put me in 2nd grade. My mother only let them put me in 1st.

  • I've been a gamer for over 40 years. High fantasy is my favorite genre.

  • I love music and live concerts. I love most kinds of music but my favorite genres are goth, industrial, punk, electronic, rock, and world.

  • I've met Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson, Peter Murphy, Siouxsie Sioux and Budgie, and Tori Amos, to name a few.

  • I'm distant cousins with Madonna, Angelina Jolie, and Celine Dion though our French Canadian roots. C'est vrai.

Mistress Tissa Philadelphia Dominatrix
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