Natural Born Dominant

Dominance wasn't something I had to be taught, it’s an intrinsic quality. For as long as I can remember, assuming control and asserting my will have been as easy to me as breathing. This combined with a natural understanding of how to seduce, taunt, coax, and compel through a well-balanced sensuality and sadism, and I'm "wired" to be a Dominatrix.


I became aware of my kinky proclivities at an early age. I was drawn to the "forbidden" and taboo. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, my tendency to be assertive, take the lead, and reject other people's power over me caused me problems because I, and the adults around me, didn't understand it. Once I finally did, my life changed.

For more than 25 years I have consciously honed my dominance as I explored the meaning and psychology of power. During this time, I came to see that even before I had the language to describe it I've had an inherent understanding of its mechanisms. While channeling it through eroticism came naturally, it took time and a requisite amount of self-awareness and emotional maturity before I was ready to accept and integrate it. In 2007 I became more seriously involved in BDSM as a practice and culture. I made the transition to a full-time professional in early 2015.

In addition to My knowledge and skills in BDSM, I have a B.A. in Psychology and have completed work toward an M.A. in Clinical Psychology.


I have professional and personal experience as a counselor, coach, and sexual behavior and health educator.


While I have assisted and supported others with a wide variety of issues, My passions are around identity, sex, intimacy, and relationships. In particular, I find it very fulfilling to work with others and their feelings of embarrassment, shame, guilt, and grief around sex and sexuality, especially BDSM, fetish, and fantasy.

I'm also deeply passionate about helping others understand, assert, and negotiate their sexual, emotional, and relationship needs. I offer professional coaching in these areas to both individuals and couples. (Please see the Coaching page for more information.)

I have a great deal of experience with a variety of people -- as a Domme, counselor, case manager, consultant, educator, and advocate.

I have worked with people with various gender identities and presentations, sexual orientations, ethnicities and colors, religions and spiritualities, vocations, income levels, health conditions, and life experiences.


I have special competence with people identifying as trans and gender-variant, as well as those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, queer, and questioning. I am also highly competent with people of color and very sensitive to issues of chronic illness, addiction, and those who are differently abled.

Ethics are central to my practice.

Honesty, responsibility, and professionalism are important to me. I do not make compromises to them for money or status. You can feel confident that I'm a person of integrity.


I have a no-nonsense approach and will be forthright with you. If I don't think I'm the right Domme for you, I will tell you so. I'm not the type to book a session with someone I don't believe I'm compatible with in order to make money.

I'm capable of deep understanding and compassion, but I lack patience with people who are immature, lazy, inconsiderate, act entitled, and have no manners.


I'm a reasonable and understanding person but have a very low tolerance for bullshit. If I suspect you're full of it, I'll lose interest in you very fast.

BDSM As Art and "therapy"

Eroticism through "kink" is my primary area of creative  expression and ongoing study. I'm serious in my approach and I treat it as a mix of  interactive performance art and "therapy".

I like my sessions to be genuine expressions of myself. Scripted scenes in which I dutifully play a role you've assigned me is contrary to my nature. Instead, I prefer to use my natural intellectual and emotional talents of insight,  intuition, and imagination to work my way into your psyche and then create an experience based on our interests and unique interplay of energies.

Essential to my method is the connection I form with you. Through this connection, I'm especially interested in the way we can be physically, psychologically, emotionally, and even spiritually relieved, transformed, and liberated through BDSM, fetish, and fantasy play and I deeply enjoy exploring this process with others.

Additional Information

Other  Interests

activism (particular interest in bodily autonomy, animal welfare, human welfare, and community-minded values) : animals : astrology : aesthetics : crystal, mineral, and fossil specimens : ethnic decor (especially Indian, Persian, Bohemian) : hedonism : holistic health : linguistics (primarily the anthropological and psychosocial aspects) : mind-body connection : music : numismatics : peak experiences : philately : philosophy (metaphysical, epistemological, ethical, political) : photography : psychology (particular interest in psychoanalysis, Jungian) : self-actualization: sociology : spirituality (especially in relation to Goddess worship and cultures, paganism, and Eastern philosophy) : travel : vegetarianism/veganism

Words people have used to describe me...



beautiful, intelligent, stunning, sexy, sensual, intense, powerful, electric, authentic, articulate, talented, demanding, intoxicating, intimidating, elegant, vulgar, charming, funny, kind, compassionate,

and a "Goddess on Earth".

h | w

5'9" | 135

hair | eyes

black and long | dark hazel green


23 September

(Autumnal Equinox)

shoe | numerology




Sun Libra in 6th conjunct Pluto in 7th

Moon Taurus in 1st

Ascendant Aries

Mercury conjunct Uranus


Please note: I'm not looking for lifestyle play, lifestyle service arrangements, or a romantic relationship.