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The only way I accept ​a session request is through my online form.

Due to regular abuse of this form I only grant access to sincere submissives and sluts.

To show me you're sincere you must send a donation in the form of a gift card. Card suggestions can be found on my Offerings page.

Without access to the form you will not be able to request a session with me.

In an amount of your choosing, please send your donation to:



In the gift card's message field, put:

"GIFT FROM [your email address]"


If you cannot enter in your email, add additional characters, such as:

yourname (at) emailhost (dot) com

If you want to avoid an electronic transaction buy a physical card and email the code from the back to the above address.


Once I receive your donation I will send you a link to access the application for a session. How quickly depends on the time of day you send your donation and whether I'm occupied at the time you send it.

You will receive an email from me between 5 minutes (minimum) and 12 hours (maximum) from the time your donation hits my inbox.

Be patient. I will reply to you.

Confidentiality is expertly maintained unless you violate the terms under "Confidentiality" on my Protocol page.

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