Do you have an inner femme that wants to get out?


One of my favorite things is helping men, butches, and non-binary folx discover and express their femmeness.

I'm best suited for those who wish to be beautiful, elegant, sexy, and/or slutty rather than those who wish to perform a mockery of the femme principle. I discuss my philosophy and approach in more depth here


What is "femme" and how does that differ from "feminization"?

I'm not a fan of the term "feminization". It sounds robotic and unsexy. I prefer "femme", which I find more elegant, and so use that in its place.


"Femme" is the French word for "woman" and is pronounced "FAHM". In English we pronounce it "FEM". Its complement is "butch". (I say "en femme" which literally translates to "as a woman" but is meant more loosely to refer to being in a femme presentation.) These are concepts that originate in the queer community with the intent to respect gender "variance". Unlike heteronormative culture, these terms acknowledge that people can have particular bodies, sex identification, and also have a so-called “non-congruent” gender identities and presentation. This means you can have a penis, identify as male, and be “femme”. Likewise, you have a vagina, identify as male, and be “femme”. These terms don’t inherently say anything about your sexuality. Anyone can be “femme”, “butch”, a combination of both, and/or something else. I use “femme” instead of “feminization” to acknowledge this cultural value and separate the activity from its misogynistic associations.

What if I want to be humiliated by being "feminized"?

I'm not the right Domme for you. My approach is different. While I can humiliate you while you're femme, I won't humiliate you for being femme. While I understand this kind of humiliation is erotic for some, it does not have a place in my FemDom practice, where it is instead respected, revered, and celebrated. In my space, when you express your unique femmeness, you will be my treasured girl, slut, whore, toy, or slave, not a joke or something to ridicule. More on this here.

What about sissies?

Sissies can be tricky. The concept of "sissy" has misogynistic roots. The idea was created to shame boys and men from expressing not only "feminine" qualities but anything that demonstrates sensitivity and vulnerability. As a result, sissy play and the humiliation aspect often go hand-in-hand. This doesn't interest me as a FemDom. If you identify as a sissy, you're welcome as long as you understand my sissies are not embodiments of this sexist ideology but my sexy gurls and playthings.

​​To facilitate the expression of your inner femme, I have:




for partial or full face, with foundation in 40 different skin tones, concealers, powders, eyeshadow, blushers, liners, lipsticks


in light, medium, and dark skin tones, ranging from a 140cc to 1800cc


in two skin tones: vanilla and chocolate


pocket style


thongs, open crotch, standard in lace, satin, and silky



negligees, teddys, and bodysuits, elegant to slutty


thigh-high and full, nylon and fishnet in various colors




various pumps and thigh-high boots, sizes women's 9-15







Include your chest and waist measurements as well as your shoe size when offering maid service to ensure I have a suitable uniform for you.

For maids:






frilly "sissy" clothes (the hyperfeminine and comical style of sissy is not my aesthetic)

Mistress, do you have my size?


I have various bras, panties, and lingerie for different body sizes. I have items ranging from size medium to 6X (women's), but it's possible I may not have a particular thing in your particular size. Please provide your height, weight, chest, waist, and hip measurements, as well as shoe size, when requesting a femme session so I can confirm this with you.

Aching to be femme but not sure what kind of session you'd like?

Some possibilities:

Partial transformation with play

Full transformation with play

Lingerie/clothing/sexy toy shopping as "male"/butch and returning to my dungeon for a full transformation

Full transformation followed by lingerie/clothing/sexy toy shopping

Full transformation and lingerie/clothing/sexy toy shopping then returning to my dungeon for play

Full transformation and dinner

Full transformation, play, and dinner

"Femmes' Night Out" with full transformation, dinner and/or dancing**

Suggested session lengths vary and can be discussed during the consultation.

(** for select femmes)

​If you have particular items you would like to be included in your transformation, such as a new bra and panty set you purchased or a sexy outfit you want to submit to me in, you're welcome to bring them and show them off for me.