MONDAY through SUNDAY | 2PM to 10PM*

While I am able to accommodate requests for sessions outside of My hours, tribute will be doubled.





If you have limited availability, feel free to ask if I can work something out. Another client may be able to move their session to another day or time.

* Temporary pandemic hours

Availability is subject to change at a moment's notice. Please check -- and refresh -- this page before sending a request.


"AFTERNOON" includes the hours from Noon to 6pm. "EVENING" is from 6pm to Midnight.


For example: "UNAVAILABLE - AFTERNOON' means I am booked from 12pm to 6pm but still have some availability between 6pm and 12am.

PLEASE NOTE: Because it does not say "UNAVAILABLE" does not mean I don't have sessions scheduled, so your preferred time may not be available.

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