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Choose carefully. Session quality can vary dramatically, from awful and dangerous to amazing and life changing. Your own experience is a product of both you and who you choose as your guide. With the right Domme you can be taken on a thrilling erotic adventure in which perceptions of self and the world can be heightened and altered. This is an art form and it is my specialty.

"You put me into the place i have been seeking to go for most of my life."

sub c, South Carolina

There's a reason why I'm a top-rated Dominatrix. I understand The Craft. This requires a specific kind of intelligence and set of skills. It requires heart and passion. I relish the opportunity to explore the potential the lies at the core of each encounter by having you before me, where I can look deeply into your eyes, touch your skin, feel your energy, and intoxicate you with the power of my presence.

Though I can play with many types of people, I'm better matched with the more serious, thoughtful player. My approach is that of an artist passionate about their art, and so the casual hobbyist and what I call "McKink" types may find the depth of my approach beyond their interest or understanding. I'm not an drive-through window, I'm a 5-star restaurant.

I'm best suited for those seeking a strong, powerful, genuine FemDom, authentic Power Exchange, and Precision Top. Experiences with me are not "FemDom" performances, where service topping is misappropriated as Dominance. They reflect both my ability to wield my power instinctively and completely. I can channel my power with surgical precision.

"my experiences with You...are an order of magnitude different from any experiences I’ve have with others. ... Your attention, focus, energy and spirit all exist on a much higher level."

slave 70, New Jersey

I'm a Sensualist and Ethical Sadist. This is not a contradiction. I find gratification in engaging your senses in both pleasurable and painful ways. However, I do not offer either heavily sensual play or strictly "sensual domination". I don't enjoy when sadomasochistic elements -- even when mild -- are completely removed. This feels like more like sensual service topping than BDSM, and it does not energize me as a Dominatrix.

I do not take scripted scenes. I have no interest in "FemDom" theater. My nature is to control and I receive the greatest fulfillment when doing so. As such, I'm not here to objectify myself and dutifully play a role you've given me. Not only do I find that uninteresting, it's a waste of my natural talents. 

Each encounter is a personalized experience. I don't offer contrived play complete with canned laughter. My style is an authentic and intimate engagement. I use my keen intuition, rich imagination, and fiery passion to captivate you and work my way into your psyche. There, I exploit our unique interplay of energies to take us on a wild and sexy ride. I may challenge you along the way but I will take deep care of you throughout.

"She pushes me right to the edge & then pulls me back. Beautiful, smart, funny & EXTREMELY good at what She does, Mistress never disappoints."

beth, New York City

I'm a multifaceted Dominant who appreciates variety. As a person who is gratified by having control, the particular activity by which I'm controlling you is not as important as your receptivity. Your reluctance or stoicism will hinder us both. I want nothing more than for you feel safe to let go and enjoy yourself.


I hold nearly all my scenes in my private dungeon, Temenos. It's intimate, well-equipped, and conveniently located in a safe area of Philadelphia, close to major interstates, easily accessible to the Philadelphia Airport.

I'm enthusiastically all-inclusive and welcome any sex, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, color, nationality, religion, body type, (dis)ability, and legal age. This isn't a gimmick, it's an ideology. Though my dungeon is not accessible my mind is. I will make every effort to make a session work for you.

I’m comfortable with a range of experience levels and interests. Whether you've never done anything kinky in your life or you began exploring BDSM decades ago, I enjoy scenes ranging from bottoms who need an itch scratched to genuine slaves wanting to offer real service. I'm equally adept at lighter play as I am at emotionally intense, heavy degradation and corporal designed to “break” you. Sessions are tailored to our mutual needs.

"Mistress’ greatest strength is in the level of honesty, awareness and intellect she brings not just into the dungeon, but in all aspects of Her work."

marcie, Washington D.C.

For high-quality, professional, and exciting scenes crafted by a captivating, knowledgeable, and creative Dominant with sincere attention to our mutual interests and a focus on establishing a genuine connection with you, look no further.

"It was one of the best experiences I've ever had. ... I'm so glad I contacted you. ... You are the best Mistress ever!"

denise, Philadelphia

NOTE: Scenes need to be requested by name. New clients require a consultation by phone and deposit. Amounts vary depending on the type and length of session requested.


The types of scenes I offer fall into three categorizations:

STANDARD, which includes Exploratory and Classic scenes. These are highly customizable, open hours, and a fixed tribute.

SPECIALTY, which are thematic. They offer little customization with limited hours available for the discounted tribute. (You can book these scenes outside of the given hours but they will be at my standard tribute.)

PUBLIC, involve some time outside of my dungeon. They offer some customization, required hours, and a specialized tribute

Mistress Tissa Philadelphia Dominatrix
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