A session, or "scene", is an opportunity to immerse yourself and surrender into what excites you. It should be a time where you feel accepted, safe, and sexy. I want my scenes with you to be the place where you get to let your guard down, be the person you may be hiding from the rest of the world, and leave feeling better than you did before.

I offer a place for people to be themselves. There are few places in the world where we are allowed to be ourselves without fear of judgment, so I see what I do as not just fun and hot but deeply meaningful, if not sacred, and often transformative, therapeutic, and healing.

When you session with me, you can release any fear or self-consciousness that I will judge your kinks or fantasies. Only a person who truly embraces and is truly secure in their sexuality can deliver this. Offering a judgment-free space which is fun and fulfilling for both of us; and where joys, stresses, fears, and/or the suppressed parts of ourselves can be expressed and consensually explored is a sincere honor for me. Judgment has no place in this setting.


I am what might be called a "classic" Dominatrix. My scenes usually to occur within the context of power exchange, traditional protocol, and do not include other forms of erotic work, such as escorting, massage, or fetish "service topping". If you want a scene in which someone is a mere actress in the fantasy you have scripted, I cannot help you; but if you seek someone with deep reserves of intuition and imagination to breathe life into the place where your fantasies meet mine, you're speaking my language.

While power exchange is my preferred context for play, it is not necessary to session with me. If power exchange is absent, a modicum of traditional protocol is still expected (e.g. being addressed as I prefer). If you're a bottom and/or fetishist and you do not seek a D/s or M/s scene, that's fine but I expect you to have the awareness to know how to negotiate your desired scene respectfully. Please understand that my personality is still Dominant.

​​Your skill level isn't important. I enjoy creating scenes with people who have never done anything kinky in their life to people who have been playing for decades. I'm more interested in your commitment to letting go and enjoying yourself.

Sessions range from as short as one-hour in length to as long as eight. I strongly prefer to conduct play from my private studio, Temenos, but am willing to entertain an outcall at another dungeon or upscale hotel if you have excellent references. Six- and eight-hour sessions include a meal break. Whatever time you book is the time you have with me. I do not end sessions early.


This is not dress-up and pretend for me. This means you can be assured that your experience with me will not be "faked" for your amusement, but will be an authentic expression of who I am and what energizes me. As a result, I don't offer "services" per se, or a impersonal, "conveyor belt"" style of experience. (How boring!)

I am a multi-faceted and fluid person. This translates into the way I express myself and conduct sessions. While my demeanor tends to be more serious, I like to intuit what the moment needs. I can embody a sublime seductress, to a kind and nurturing caretaker, to a cold clinician, to a playful guide, to a ruthless sadist, to a manifestation of the Divine.

My wardrobe consists of a variety of materials and aesthetics. I have pieces than range from skin-tight latex to glossy PVC to lingerie to street clothes to costumes. I tend to prefer high femme and sexy, but not "cutesy". I have a fetish for stiletto heels and often wear those. Occasionally, I may wear stockings or go barefoot, especially if our scene would make it unsafe for me to wear six-inch heels. I wear what feels good to me and befits our scene.

For role-plays, My style is realism over fetishism. This means I would not be the latex-clad nun, but the one in a real habit. For Me, when something is heavily fetishized, it feels too contrived. I find the more a situation emulates reality, the more thrilling and hot it is.






days a week

*My hours have changed due to COVID


Exceptions to My hours are considered for those with extenuating circumstances and exceptional manners. Expect tribute to be doubled.


My private studio and temple.

It is well-equipped and conveniently located in the city of Philadelphia.

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My lover is currently unavailable.

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New or newish to BDSM? Not sure what you'd enjoy? This type of session is curated by Me and will include the major areas of BDSM and fetish based on your personality. This requires a one-hour phone consultation. At least two hours of play time is suggested to maximize your experience.


This is a scene with pre-negotiated activities and limits. It can take place in my dungeon, another dungeon, fine hotel, play party, on the phone, via webcam, through email, or via instant messaging. While your needs and ideas are important to me, I do not take scripted scenes. I'm here to be your Dominant or top, not your puppet. Scenes via webcam and IM begin at 30 minutes and real-time sessions begin at one hour in length. Six and eight hour scenes include a shared, two-hour meal break.

Fancy Restaurant

You will have the honor of my presence as you take me out to a lovely dinner. Any suggestions must suitably accommodate a meatless diet. You will attend to me as we dine and converse. (Please note: This is not a casual dinner or a "date", it is a D/s or M/s session, and is available for select clients.)

Vintage Fashion

You will have the luxury of taking me shopping at an approved store and, as would be expected, you will happily carry my bags for Me. If you have ever wanted to pamper and spoil a sexy Goddess like me in person -- and see my delicious smile as you hand your credit card to the clerk -- here is your chance. (Please note: This is not a casual excursion, but a D/s or M/s session, and is available for select clients.)

Signing Contract

I provide customizable service contracts involving contact via IM, email, phone, and/or webcam. The nature of the contract is agreed upon between you and myself based on our mutual interests. They are available as strictly online arrangements or to provide continuity between real-time sessions. The details will be discussed if I am interested in your proposal.


I offer consulting to existing or aspiring professional Dominants. Guidance and support can include the basics of getting started, branding, creating a website, setting up a personal domain, email set-up, social media, working in a house versus curating your own dungeon, safety, paying taxes, and more. Consults are by phone. Please note: I do not offer mentorship.


I offer personalized education and guidance to individuals & couples (all-inclusive) in the areas of BDSM (basics, finding or relinquishing power, safety, etc), fetish, fantasy, communication, deepening intimacy, and having better, more fulfilling sex and play. These sessions take place in my dungeon or an upscale hotel. They offer a great opportunity to safely try out and experiment with different equipment and devices without the commitment to own them. (Yes, I'm a skilled and experienced instructor!)

Clapping Audience

I have ample experience speaking to groups of people, from just a few to over 100. I offer polished and engaging presentations and workshops to corporations, special interest groups, and educational institutions (undergrad and graduate levels) about various human sexuality topics, such as: Understanding Consent, Introduction to BDSM, Kinky Sexuality, The Importance of Sex Work, and A Guide to Seeing a Dominatrix. (I'm open to custom projects as well.)

Please note: I'm not looking for lifestyle play, lifestyle service arrangements, or a romantic relationship.