While I offer sessions from a distance, those conducted in-person are my specialty. I relish the opportunity to have you in front of me, where I can look deeply into your eyes, touch your skin, feel your energy, and intoxicate you with the power of my presence.

I'm not suited for those seeking “drive-thru-window” experiences, scripted scenes, or strictly "sensual domination". My nature is to control and I receive the greatest fulfillment when doing so. As such, I'm not here to objectify myself and dutifully play a role you've given me. This includes purely sensual scenes, which feel more like sensual service topping than BDSM. While I do enjoy incorporating sensual elements in my scenes, I do not enjoy when all forms of discomfort or any challenge -- even minor -- are  removed. This does not energize me as a Dominatrix. (More here.)

I'm best suited for players desiring authentic power exchange, an ethical sadist, and/or a precision top within high-quality, professional, and exciting scenes crafted by an intelligent and captivating Dominant with sincere attention to our mutual interests and a focus on establishing a genuine connection with you.

I'm a versatile Dominant who savors variety in my play. As a person who is gratified by having control, the particular activity by which I'm controlling you is not as important as your commitment to the experience. Your reluctance or unwillingness will affect both our headspaces. So, come ready to let go and enjoy yourself.


I hold nearly all my scenes in my private dungeon, Temenos. It's well-equipped, conveniently located in a safe area of Philadelphia, close to major interstates, easily accessible to the Philadelphia Airport, and, as is my standard protocol, rigorously cleaned and disinfected after each guest.


I'm enthusiastically all-inclusive and welcome any sex, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, color, nationality, religion, body type, (dis)ability, and legal age. This isn't a gimmick, it's an ideology. (If you have special needs please mention them in your session request and I will do everything I can to accommodate them.)


I’m comfortable with a range of experience levels and interests. Whether you're a nervous first-timer or you began exploring BDSM decades ago, I enjoy scenes ranging from relatively "tame" laid-back fun all the way to emotionally intense, heavy degradation and corporal designed to “break” you. Every session is tailored to your unique needs.




New or newish to BDSM? Not sure what you'd enjoy and would like someone with both the expertise and psychological insight to guide you into an experience that is exciting and fulfilling for you?


This type of session is curated by me and will include personally selected activities based on what information I gather about you and what turns you or you and your partner on.

This is often very illuminating for the inexperienced as it deepens their insight about themselves and what direction they want to go.

For individuals and couples* of any gender or sexual orientation.

(*Couples can either be sub-sub or Dom-sub with me acting as a head or coach Domme or co-Domme.)

All exploratory sessions require a phone consultation, one-hour for individuals and  90-minutes for couples.


Minimum session time: 90 minutes for individuals and 2 hours for couples.




This is a scene with pre-negotiated activities based on our mutual interests and limits within a D/s, M/s, O/p, or Top/bottom dynamic. While your needs are important to me, I do not take scripted scenes. I'm here to be your Dominant or top, not your puppet.

Depending on the activities desired, scenes can take place in my dungeon, another professional dungeon, play party or kinky event, on the phone, via webcam, through email, instant messaging or text. (I do not conduct sessions at hotels.)

I offer one-hour sessions for those who only want a spanking or Foot Domination at a reduced tribute.  These scenes can include simple roleplay, verbal play, or light bondage only.

Polite wardrobe requests are limited to a category, such as latex or boots.

For individuals and couples of any gender or sexual orientation.

In-Person sessions range from 1 hour to 8 hours in length.  6- and 8-hour bookings include a shared 2-hour meal break as part of the session. Webcam and IM begin at 30 minutes.

90 minutes is the recommended minimum. 2 hours for couples.




Explore and express the femme you're curious about, are, or always wanted to be. Whether it's just through a pair of panties and stockings, or if it's head-to-toe changes with wigs, makeup, finger- and toenail polish, and breast forms.  Accurate bra sizing is included.

All femmes of any legal age, orientation, ethnicity, color, and (dis)ability are welcome, with inclusion for a range of body sizes and skin tones.  (If you're especially small or especially large please check with me to make sure I have your size.)


Please note: I do not engage in humiliation for being femme.

[More information here]

Sessions range from 1 hour to 8 hours in length.

6- and 8-hour sessions include a shared 2-hour meal break in which you are encouraged to go en femme.

For full transformations that include play a minimum of 4 hours is recommended.

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The sincere submissive or slave has the opportunity to enter into a contract in the areas of weight loss / diet, finances, chastity/keyholding, or other areas based on our mutual desires.

Enforcement can occur through any combination of via in-person sessions, webcam, phone, email, or IM / text. 


They are available as strictly online arrangements or to provide continuity between in-person sessions.

Initiate your proposal on the Contracts page.

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You will have the honor of my presence and intelligent conversation as you take me out to a lovely dinner. Any suggestions must suitably accommodate a meatless diet. 


(Please note: This is available to select clients.)




You will have the luxury of taking me shopping and, as would be expected, you will happily carry my bags for me. If you have ever wanted to pamper a sexy Goddess like me in person -- and see my delicious smile as you hand your credit card to the clerk -- this  is your chance.


(Please note: This is available for select clients.)