HARD LIMITS are activities that I will not do. DO NOT ASK ME TO DO MY HARD LIMITS.

SOFT LIMITS are activities I do engage in but only under certain conditions.

Hard limits



​Body worship (any part of my body; see soft limits around feet)

Crushing, Living or Dead


Drugs (before or during a session)

Homewrecker Fantasy



Jobs (hand, foot, blow, rim)

Minors (anyone under the age of 18)


Oral sex (giving or receiving)

Race play

Roleplaying: Psychologist/Psychiatrist, Someone You've Cheated on

Scripted/micromanaged scenes

Showers (golden, ruby, brown, Roman)


Submission or Switching

"Topping From the Bottom" / Pushy "Subs"

Wrestling (not the same as body domination, which I enjoy)

Soft limits

Blackmail (only roleplayed during in-person sessions, no distance play)

Brats/SAMs (must be negotiated)

Breath Play (a near hard limit due to danger. light play only.)

Facesitting/Smothering (an honor to be earned not requested)**

 Foot Play (I do not accept requests for Foot Worship, only Foot Domination, in which Foot Worship may occur)**

** Any play which may involve contact with my body is a privilege -- not a right -- and is always at my discretion. More about this here.

This content has been written and/or depicted by consenting adults. By using this site, which may include explicit language and/or provocative images that fall within the rubric of BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, masochism), you affirm the following:


  • I am at least 18 years of age (21 in some communities)

  • I am aware of my community's laws around viewing adult material and am in compliance with them

  • I do not object to this type of material or find it offensive and I view it at my discretion

  • My adherence to and negligence of any laws related to adult material are solely my responsibility

  • I will not hold Mistress Tissa or any involved parties liable for my violation of the above statements


By interacting with My site, or Me, you agree with these terms.

If you are a minor in your community or if you find this material offensive and do not consent to viewing and interacting with it, please leave.

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