HARD LIMITS are activities that I will not do. DO NOT ASK ME TO DO MY HARD LIMITS.

SOFT LIMITS are activities I do engage in but only under certain conditions.

Hard limits



​Body worship (any part of my body; see soft limits around feet)

Crushing, Living or Dead


Drugs (before or during a session)

Homewrecker Fantasy



Jobs (hand, foot, blow, rim)

Minors (anyone under the age of 18)


Oral sex (giving or receiving)

Race play

Roleplaying: Psychologist/Psychiatrist, Someone You've Cheated on

Scripted/micromanaged scenes

Showers (golden, ruby, brown, Roman)


Submission or Switching

"Topping From the Bottom" / Pushy "Subs"

Wrestling (not the same as body domination, which I enjoy)

Soft limits

Blackmail (only roleplayed during in-person sessions, no distance play)

Brats/SAMs (must be negotiated)

Breath Play (a near hard limit due to danger. light play only.)

Facesitting/Smothering (an honor to be earned not requested)**

 Foot Play (I do not accept requests for Foot Worship, only Foot Domination, in which Foot Worship may occur)**

** Any play which may involve contact with my body is a privilege -- not a right -- and is always at my discretion. More about this here.