Vegan BDSM Dungeon


“A piece of land cut off and assigned as an official domain, especially to kings and chiefs, or a piece of land marked off from common uses and dedicated to a god, a sanctuary, holy grove or holy precinct”

“A temenos enclosed a sacred space … all things inside of this area belonged to the god. Greeks could find asylum within a sanctuary and be under the protection of the deity and could not be moved against their will.”

“the spellbinding or magic circle, which acts as a…'safe spot' where mental 'work' can take place…[such as] an encounter with the unconscious…where these unconscious contents can safely be brought into the light of consciousness. In this manner one can meet one's own Shadow, Animus/Anima, Wise Old Wo/Man (Senex) and finally the Self.”*

Temenos is my private dungeon located in a safe and easily accessible area in the city of Philadelphia. Its intimate, sensual, and unique atmosphere reflects my personality. It is well-equipped and has been curated with my "Consensual Cruelty" ethic.


My intent is to provide a space where you're safe to be yourself without fear of judgment. Whether you're looking for something fun and sexy, something challenging, or something cathartic and transformative (or all three), you are free to let go and truly enjoy our time together.

Temenos is kept clean and safe. Both My gear and furniture are properly cleaned and sanitized after every session. On hand I have first aid supplies, disinfectants, paper towels, sanitary pads, and protective barriers such as latex and vinyl gloves. No street shoes are allowed inside and it is climate controlled. (Please check my FAQ if you'd like specifics about how I clean.)


BDSM Vegan Dungeon Veg*n

It is equipped with...



  • HOODS: Half hood; eyes-mouth: open, closed & with zippers; double; gas mask; sensory deprivation; locking. Leatherette, neoprene, canvas, spandex, and latex.

  • RESTRAINTS: leatherette and metal wrist and ankle cuffs, finger/toe cuffs, shackles, straps, cords, chain, elastic bandage, harnesses, boots, mitts, gloves, spreader bars, body bags, foot stocks

  • ROPE: cotton, nylon, hemp, jute

  • GAGS: balls of various diameters (both solid and breathable), O-ring, dick, dogbone, spider, Jennings

  • WARTENBERG WHEEL one, three, five, and seven-wheeled varieties; micro-pinwheel

  • CLIPS & CLAMPS: clothespins, tweezer, broad tip, "jumper cable", bells, clover, pincher, tong, forceps, buckets, cages, Tower of Pain, etc


  • BALL PRESSES: acrylic bars and plates, steel spikes, e-stim





  • KALI'S TEETH: adjustable teeth and fixed teeth in 2- and 4-row



  • ELECTRIC STIMULATION (E-STIM): ErosTek 312B; TENS; neon wand with glass, metal roller, flogger & power tripper electrodes; ball press; plugs

  • CROPS: thin to fat tongue

  • BELTS: thin to thick

  • DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE: rulers, spoons, and wooden hairbrush

  • PADDLES: light to heavy in leathertte, faux fur, silicone, plexiglass, and various woods, from pine to bubinga to  purpleheart

  • BEATERS: small to large loops, twin wire, thick & thuddy

  • CANES & SWITCHES: thin to thick rattan, bamboo, Delrin, polycarbonate

  • WHIPS: single-tail (signal and snake), dressage, stockyard, dragontail, Arabian

  • FLOGGERS: rope, leatherette, rubber, pvc, silicone, mini chain

  • VIBRATORS: multipattern in various sizes, Hitachi, inflatable

  • SUCTION/PUMPING: nipple, clit & penis cylinders, breast & vulva cups, cupping

  • FEMME WARDROBE: high heels (limited), stockings, garters (limited), panties (S to 2XL), bras (limited), negligees (limited), wigs, cosmetics, breast forms (limited)

  • and, of course, sanitary and first aid supplies

* [source]