The Ways I Enjoy Receiving your submission


casual clothing (jeans, workout, etc) | CEI | domestic/maid | "faggots" | femme/feminization*** | food/sploshing/WAM | foot domination* | goth | grooming (shaving, plucking, waxing) JOI | latex | long hair* | macrophilia misandry | money/materialism | religious blasphemy | retifism and heel/boot domination | salirophilia/mysophilia | stockings/pantyhose* | vinyl


aural | blindfolds | deprivation | electric (TENS, neon wand) | overload | pinching | pinwheel | stretching | suction/pumping | temperature | tickle | vibration | wax | weights
Sensory play can occur on different parts of the body (nipples, belly, hands, buttocks, feet, etc) and can range from sensual to sadistic.


arouse and deny body writing | brainwashing conditioning depersonalization/dehumanization | discipline | emotional intensity | games | intimidation/fear mindfuck neglect and abandonment restrictions | sensual sadism | weird/bizarre

Humiliation and Degradation

embarrassment | human furniture | inspections mouth soaping | objectification | ownership | slapping | small penis | spitting | verbal abuse


caging/confinement | chains | chastity | collars | cuffs | gags | hoetie | hoods immobilization | leash | mummification partial suspension rope | spreader bars | tape | vacbed

Impact Play AND Corporal Punishment

ballbusting | bastinado | caning | crops | flogging | hairbrush | judicial |  paddling | slapping | spanking | straps/belts | wooden spoon | whipping
IP does not imply any level of severity and can range from sensual to sadistic (except judicial, whose point is to be painful).


hair-pulling | kicking | pinning | punching | rough-housing | shoving | trampling (barefoot or shoes)

BD does not imply any level of severity and can range from light to heavy


domestic/maid | femme*** slave | slut | submissive

Gender/Sex/Sexual Orientation Play

bi | boy | butch femme | gay | girl | hijra | man | straight | woman | something of your own invention Here, you can express and explore a suppressed self or alter ego

Psychodrama/Role Play**

accents (English, French, German, Russian, etc) | ballet themed | Bitch Boss | Catwoman | cuckold fantasy | Disciplinarian High fantasy (elves, sorcerers, etc) | kidnap fantasy | Military | Pirate/captive | time periods | violation fantasy
Here, we tell a story or make a fantasy come to life by assuming the identities of chosen characters...many possibilities...


Truth Or Dare | Wheel Of Misfortune

Forced Play

consumption | exhibitionism | femme/feminization*** | masturbation | nudity (CFnm/CFnf) | orgasm | voyeurism


chastity/keyholding (you must have your own device) | diets | finances | fitness |
Structured play/goals based on the chosen activities.


Erotic Initiates | healing rituals

These types of sessions are personal growth- and/or spiritually-oriented, not role-play.

Interests Not currently equipped

Full femme transformations ***^


Medical play

Full suspension

This list is not exhaustive and my interests may fluctuate over time. If there is something you’re interested in but do not see listed, feel free to send me a polite message to inquire. Be sure to check my Limits page first.

​* Any play which may involve contact with my body is always at my discretion. More about this here.

** I really get into role-plays. My style is realism over fetishism. Have an idea that I don't have listed? Fill out the application on my Contact page and run it by me!

*** Please note that I do not engage in femme play (aka "feminization") as an expression of humiliation. More about this here.

^ If you have your own wardrobe, I enjoy full transformations.