"Sending further thanks for a magical session. ... You were as indomitable as always. ... I was pretty floored at how you picked up where we left off ... and pushed things further and deeper. ... The session had everything I could imagine and beyond some highlights for me were: an authentic cohesive sense of being on a journey into the depths of submission ... a thrilling first experience with a machine ... the biggest deepest experience I’ve ever had ... multiple experiences of euphoria and mental fireworks while taking in the image of You in all your dominant glory."

- sub c, October 2021

"I had the most WONDERFUL time, still riding the high from our time together. ... I felt so comfortable and trusting of you it was almost immediate and I could tell that plenty of time and effort went into interpreting my interests into an amazing session that felt so very authentic and natural. ... Couldn't be happier with how the session went and could not describe the appreciation I have for you."

- slave e, October 2021

"I basically was floating around on some kind  of bdsm high for a couple of days.  I very deeply appreciate the experience you provided and I want to convey how grateful I am that you accepted me for a session.  Besides getting absolutely gassed I felt safe in your control and I found the experience to be oddly liberating.  You are a remarkable woman with a sensual gift and serious well formulated ideas about your practice.  I trust you completely.  I look forward to seeing your again."

- slut michelle, September 2021

"I have sessioned with Mistress Tissa several times over the past four years or so. What sets her apart is the care, effort, and intention that she puts into every part of her work. She is thoughtful about every detail of the experience. ... With MT there is an intense engagement and flow to every session. It’s the difference between a Domme doing things to me and MT being there in the moment with me. ... she has not only opened my to new physical experiences but has opened my mind to new ways to think about being a sub and what it really is that I desire. ... If you are looking for a specific straightforward session, I am sure she would provide it will skill and care, but a session with Mistress Tissa holds the most exciting possibilities for a sub looking to dive a bit deeper into the mental side of submission and engage deeply with a master of the craft."

- sub c, September 2021 [source]


"You're the absolute fucking best!!" (To be fair, this was said while I had him deep in sub space. Ha)

- slave john,  September 2021

"I especially liked the ... CBB predicament and my red balls and bottom all exposed in your metal spreader device.  I was surprised how much I liked the flogging of my ass and thighs.  It was an absolutely great session!  I am so glad you find sadistic amusement putting my C&B in exposed positions. C&B exposed and completely vulnerable with a skilled CBT sadist, cannot wait till our next session!!!"

- Monkey Dick, August 2021

"Thank you again. I enjoyed myself more than you could know."

- andrea, July 2021

"I have to thank you for an amazing session. I truly enjoyed every minute of it ... To use your word...I believe that was the most "present" in the moment that I've felt in a very long time."

- nd, July 2021 

"Wonderful, wonderful session! ... When I have been with you I get a bit of a "glow" for a few days after."

- slave john, May 2021

"I really appreciate your intelligence, experience, compassion and ethics. ... Your insight and guidance has given me some perspective on several issues and put my mind to rest on some things I that had worried about. ... I’ve felt a little kinder to myself in general and, though I still have much to learn, you’ve helped me to broaden my understanding regarding kink and power exchange. I’ve been feeling much more comfortable and less conflicted with my relationship to BDSM. Certainly, I’ve always felt accepted and not judged by you. Thank you for all of that."

- Mark, April 2021

"Thank you for the absolutely great session!  When I noticed you laughing and enjoying yourself as I squirmed from your painful tortures I knew [I was] really "doomed".  You demonstrated your incredible CBT skills ... I found this intense prolonged torture very exciting. ... I had forgotten how exciting rough play can be. ... When you grabbed my throat, put your weight on me, that really added to my excitement."

- Monkey Dick, March 2021

"Thank you so much for the session the other day. ... we both feel like we made a lot of progress and understand each other much better. I look forward to speaking with you again."

- A & C, March 2021

"[We] wanted to thank you for your coaching, you have given us valuable insight into the relationship we're building."

- M & A, February 2021

"I had a wonderful time during our session. ... I hope to see you again."

- slave jj, December 2020

"That was magnificent!"

- slave d, November 2020

"What’s most shocking about Mistress Tissa, beyond her beauty, confidence, presence, meticulous cleanliness & safety, and analytical insightfulness...is her ability to then just PUT IT ON YOU. It wasn’t just the pain. The bondage. Her eyes. The immersive surroundings. The humiliation. It was ALL OF THAT. And that she had turned it up, slowly, in varied and subtle ways, but steadily. I was a frog being boiled in water, and by the time I realized it, it was too late. I found my pulse racing, my mind racing, solidly in subspace, but not the steady buzz. I was being overwhelmed by her relentless and complete dominance ... The Mistress is exquisitely professional, experienced, and a truly mindful person. Between her in-scene composure and her overall authenticity, I guess I knew before, during, and after, that I was in good hands. ... Mistress Tissa is a whole Experience." [full testimonial here]

- Luke, November 2020


"It felt so good to be back in your tenemos and to be dominated by you.  The session was absolutely great!"

- Monkey Dick, October 2020

"Guess you know it but GREAT TIME today!!! Thanks for the lobotomy,I needed it.:)"

- slave john, September 2020


"As always, I have to thank you for a fantastic visit. ... I had a great time and will definitely be looking forward to the next time I can see you."

- nd, July 2020

"Shout out to all subs. No matter what gender. Mistress Tissa is in a class by Herself. Believe it. Don't believe it. That's up to you." [source]

- pauletta, March 2020

"Thank You so much for yesterday. It was by far the best session I’ve had with you. I enjoyed how deliberate and un-rushes the whole session was. ... Thoroughly enjoyed everything about the session - it’s the first time I dressed completely femme and for that I’m grateful. ... Almost everything I experienced in the session yesterday was a first and that is only due to your expertise, creativity  and skill - as I don’t consider myself a novice. You were fantastic! Thanks again for everything."

- Kaladhar, March 2020


"There wasn’t anything that didn’t work for me during the session. The session was very erotic and hit all of what i wanted to experience ... [it] overall was perfect."

- james, March 2020

"I have to thank you for another amazing experience. It's hard to put to words exactly what's so special about it, but as always it was exactly what I needed."

- nd, February 2020

"...memories of [our] session continue vividly in my my kind. It was a near perfect blend of pain and pleasure and i am so grateful you provided me with both. ... i felt free and exhilarated, not common feelings for me. i thank You so much for that. You are an amazing Mistress. ... You are the most powerful woman i have ever met..."

- sub t, February 2020


"As i came out of a glorious sub-space haze...I wanted to [say] how grateful i am for the depth an intensity of our sessions and that because of how well they match what i have been looking for ... i feel like i have found the best possible fit in a session for me and don't really feel much pull to try out [other Dommes] for the sake of trying "something new"."

- sub c, January 2020


"i'm not quite sure how You manage to both terrify AND amuse me, be intimidating YET safe, sadistic AND gentle and a myriad of other contradictions.  i planned to come ONE time, yet here we are 1.5 years later, and You have become one of the people i respect and admire the most. "

- beth, January 2020

"Thank you for an outstanding session. ... What a great way to end the year!"

- Monkey Dick, December 2019

"You’ve helped me realize that what I enjoy in a session and my fantasies are not always the same. ... This was the first time I feel like I’ve been truly out of my own head in any session. ... Thanks again for a truly amazing session and being the best at what you do!  Can't wait til next time!"

- Bmore, December 2019

"Thank you for being so strict, cruel and sadistic with me.  It was even better than I imagined!  You are a very talented femdom!"

- Monkey Dick, November 2019


"I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to session with you, which was incredible and to finally meet you in person was amazing. You are everything I thought you were and more!!!! ... You are so genuine. I feel I can tell you anything."

- jimmy, October 2019

"O/our session was a revelation. i am struggling with any words to thank you enough or explain what the experience has meant to me. You put me into the place i have been seeking to go for most of my life. It felt like such a genuinely shared experience and i was able to fully embrace myself and live in the moment in a way I have never quite achieved in any other session."

- sub c, October 2019

"I had an incredibly great time and You're incredible in Your craft. .... i'll always be grateful to You for granting me many such memories i'll cherish for a long time. i will not hesitate in strongly recommending You to anyone who seeks to explore their submissive side irrespective of their experience level." [full testimonial]

- Kaladhar, October 2019

"[I] enjoyed every second of our session. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. ... I just have to thank you again for a fantastic experience."

- nd, September 2019

"The [roleplay] was the first time I think I’ve been pushed that far submissively, both mentally and physically. Some parts were great  pleasure, and some pushed me to take more than I am used to, reminding me of my place. ... Truly, we covered so much of what I was interested in... Thank you for a wonderful session."

- sub cj, September 2019

"Sitting in my car head spinning after another incredible session w/ MistressTissa. As usual She pushes me right to the edge & then pulls me back. Beautiful, smart, funny & EXTREMELY good at what She does, Mistress never disappoints. Feel so lucky She keeps letting me come back!" [source]

- beth, August 2019

"...in one session she got me so "high" on her power over me I actually did faint for about 10 seconds.Talk about POWER!! I could go on and on but I need to say if you live in the tri state area you musr see Ms Tissa.You'll have to be slightly vetted for everyones safety but you'll be happy to take that first step.If you've been looking for a REAL session and want to submit you've found the right Mistress." [full testimonial]

- John Davis, July 2019


"I never know what to expect when I see Tissa for a session but she NEVER disappoints. ... Mistress Tissa always has interesting sessions and I am thrilled to be a part of her Phila stable.If your in the area I highly recommend a session." [full testimonial]

- john2001, July 2019

"You were incredible and the mastery of Your craft had me scared, nervous, anxious and excited often at the same time. Thank You for letting me experience one of the few true power-exchange scenes i've had ever ... You looked stunning, Mistress Tissa."

- Kaladhar, June 2019

"The vulnerability and lack of control were difficult for me to master. Doing so was however incredibly rewarding.  It was an intense session that I truly enjoyed.  You are difficult to capture in words but were fantastic, beautiful, beyond expectations in all areas and really applied your craft amazingly."

- Seeker, May 2019


"Thank You once again for a great session! I had a thoroughly good time. It is without doubt the best experience in fetish/bdsm I’ve had thus far. I enjoyed how it never felt rushed, You were very deliberate and thus relaxed while easily the most intense I’ve ever experienced. Thank You for pushing some of my limits on the pain side and gifting new experiences..."

- Kaladhar, May 2019

"I wanted to say thank you again for our session yesterday. It was perfect, and You are stunning and so talented at what You do."
- sub cj, May 2019​


"Exceeded all expectations. ... Your entire approach is different from everyone else. Really impressive."

- pain slut g, April 2019

"I have been doing sessions in the Phila area for 35 years,I'm 65,and Mistress Tissa is at the very top of all those years.If you want authentic domination and you are submissive RUN to her Temenos and have your brain rewired.When I am with her I can feel her power being transferred onto me. ... I have NEVER in 35 years gotten so "high"off a session than when Mistress torments my nipples." [full testimonial]

- John Davis, March 2019

"As always You are terrific! ... I like nothing more than being under Your control. I felt You with me all day today with the extreme "pleasure" You gave me yesterday. ... Thank You Mistress Tissa!!!"

​- slut b, March 2019​

"you delivered another first class session. You mentally really get me higher than a kite. Thank you! Thank you!"

- slave john, February 2019

"You having Your way with me is a very transcendent experience for me. Giving into You completely is such a phenomenal ride Mistress. i can’t wait to see where You take me next..."

- james, February 2019


"The session was tons of fun for me! ... I also really appreciated the coaching session we had after!"

- Bunsu, January 2019


"​The session was unbelievable and really rattled me, in a good way.  i cannot put in to words how much better i felt leaving Your house then i did coming in.  i left feeling lighter, replenished and filled with hope. ... The compassion, understanding and empathy that just emanates from You completely cracks my defense shields."

- beth, December 2018


"You really understand what I was asking for. The level of control you exerted over me was great! ... I feel like a broke through to a new level of submission/power exchange.  It was incredible!!!  Thank you!!"

- Monkey Dick, December 2018


"Very powerful words, I was really slipping away mentally. ... [For] psychological play, you're the best."

- slave j, November 2018

"I love that you challenge me and that you are thoughtful and creative with the methods and mediums that you use to push. ... I am in awe of your sorcery." [full testimonial]

- sub c, November 2018


"I have never role played with anyone better and thats 35 years of a lot of playing. [Mistress] Tissa can truly get inside my head and ... it's like she can read my thoughts.Anyone close to Phila that likes real domination would do well to book a session w/her." [source]

-  john2001, November 2018


"It was a very wonderful experience for my first session ... the feel what a true Pro Dominant is really about and being under your control was a great feeling."

- Jeff, October 2018


"Thank you so much for the fabulous session yesterday. ...I loved every minute. ... I’ve been playing for 30 years and have been visiting professional Dommes from 2 to 4 times a year in the US and Europe. I have some chronic medical issues but still love to play. ... It takes a truly extraordinary Dominatrix to plan and expedite play at the highest level for many hours. … You are a true artist and simply incredible" [full testimonial]

— R, October 2018


"I wanted to thank you for our session yesterday it was everything I thought it would be and more. ... I believe the experience will also have a long term effect on me because I feel I am more willing to accept this as a part of who I am rather than feeling ashamed." [full testimonial]

— Todd, October 2018


"...it is a joy to serve You Mistress Tissa. ... You slowly started your magic on me and just took me to a subspace i haven’t experienced in many years. Thank You." [full testimonial]

— james, October 2018

​"i want to thank you again for a terrific experience. The way You control mind body and spirit is uncanny. You truly are a Sorceress. i thoroughly enjoyed everything we did, but being under the power of Your gaze would have been worth the trip by itself."

— sub c, October 2018


"Mistress is so intuitive, so good at what She does, that She has brought out interests i didn't even know i had. i am convinced that continued sessions with her will be a life transforming experience. And unbelievably fun and exciting too. i am in awe of her strength, intelligence, uncanny intuition and her high ethical standards. She is an intimidating force to be reckoned with in all the right ways." [full testimonial]

- beth, October 2018

"I can't thank you enough for your time and consultative help. By sharing your experience, considerable knowledge and patiently answering my questions, you really helped give me clarity and crystallize my thoughts regarding my relationships. I found our discussion so valuable and very illuminating. I really appreciate your professionalism and guidance."

- Shelly, September 2018


"Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting with you. It didn’t really hit me until I got home but I feel absolutely electric. ...it was and you were terrific and now I can’t wait to see you again. Thank you thank you thank you!"

- cj, September 2018

"I just want to thank You again for the magical, sublime (yet very REAL) experiences that you provide.  My senses are left tingling, and I’m left shaking my head in awe of what has just happened.  Sessioning with You is a privilege unlike any other." [full testimonial]

- Luke, August 2018


"I truly do not know how to thank you for tonight.  It was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced,  and although I am still a bit overwhelmed and my head is spinning as I try to process this,  I am so profoundly grateful to you.  You really must have super powers,  because you managed to intimidate me,  get in my head and push,  while somehow managing to make me feel comfortable with you, and safe." [full testimonial]

- beth, August 2018

​"I wanted to thank you for a great first session. It was awesome experience.  Everything from the initial communication to the end of the session was professional.  You made me feel real comfortable throughout. I still can't get over how good looking you are. When you opened the door I was in awe."

- km, July 2018

"Thank you for accepting me and allowing me to serve you. It was truly a wonderful experience for me."

- james, July 2018


"I would like to thank you for our memorable session on Friday. It was incredible! I was expecting something big, but I have to admit that it really surpassed my expectation. ... You managed to create a "high-quality scene" - as stated on your website - during our session. Your 'Gothic Goddess look' was flawless and intimidating. The image of You ... will last for sure. You were able to push the boundaries of psychological domination in a addicting way. It was a privilege and great pleasure to serve You. Hope I can serve You again soon."

- eb, June 2018

"Mistress,Thank you for a wonderful session Friday ... I can't explain the sparks i see in my head when you take over my brain.I've never been one to take drugs but it must be similar because I am hooked....It is hard to explain but after a good session I am so relaxed,almost like a weight has been taken away and I am never stressed.Thank you for seeing me and taking the time to get ready and always look so hot!"

- slave john, June 2018


"I wanted to say that i was all blown away with our session tonight. You definitly exceeded my expectations."

[An additional testimonial on Mistress Review]

- sam, May 2018

"You really put your heart and soul into your sessions. I really appreciate it and my mind and body love it!"

- slave john, April 2018

"You are so good at what you do ... you're the Domme for me."

- Office boy, March 2018


"I wanted to thank you for our amazing session yesterday.  I really appreciate the time and thought you put into our session.  It was obvious that you really listened ...which made for an excellent experience. … Your rough play, foot domination and humiliation was amazing … You are drop dead gorgeous, and your attire was amazing. … I’m sure this line of work will be long and prosperous for you.."

[An additional testimonial on Mistress Review]

- Bmore, March 2018

"O/our session allowed me to let go of my ego! It was so much fun!! ... You were so gracious, and generous, and fun last night. … I can't thank You enough."

- pauletta, February 2018

"I loved my experience and will be reaching back to you. ...  You brought out the real me - and it felt good."

- Heather, January 2018

"Mistress Tissa...You challenge both my mind and body. ... i have learned a lot about myself, and the needs and desires i have. You have helped me feel more comfortable with that part of myself. ... You are very very special!! i hope to continue learning more about myself through You" [full testimonial]

- slut b, December 2017

"I am having trouble putting into words how incredible our session was. ... It makes me reflect upon what is so very unique about You. You are intimidatingly cerebral…yet…unexpectedly intuitive – a terribly potent combination. Moreover ... You are truly authentic. ... I thank You for everything – for Your thoughtfulness and professionalism and the trust these engender, for Your intellect, intuition, and intensity, and for allowing me to again be a canvas for your indelible signature." [full testimonial]

- Luke, December 2017

"You read me exactly, intuited me exactly from our communications! ... I need to feel that I am being controlled.  The [session activities] did that so well when combined with the mind doing the controlling: what you said, what you did, and your exquisite use of touch. ... It is one of the very best first sessions I've ever had! ... Thank you once again."

- Oliver, December 2017


"We want to thank you for an incredible evening. ... The scene was crafted beautifully ... last night won’t just be a collection of memories but a wonderful enhancement to our relationship." [full testimonial]

- C & M, December 2017


​"I just wanted to say you had a smile planted on my face for sometime after those sessions were over."

- j, November 2017


"Mistress, Picture [slave] standing on his seat, after the "Tissa Experience", clapping his hands over his head and screaming ENCORE! ENCORE! that's how I feel today."

- slave john, October 2017

"I genuinely appreciated our session together, and I felt it was quite a positive experience and intro to BDSM. … there are people who have had negative thoughts about my desires in the past. I've also been a little repressive of my desires over the years. … I feel now I can worry less about that stuff...


The experience you provided was unique, exciting, and stress relieving among other things. … I am very impressed with the way you presented yourself, ran the session, and how you articulated everything succinctly from our first contact through our post-session talk. I look forward to any future session(s) we may have."

- slut m, September 2017

"Mistress Tissa is absolutely incredible, exemplifying the title of Professional Domme. ... It quickly became apparent that Mistress Tissa had read me like a book - which is uncanny, because sometimes I feel like I struggle to understand myself. Our session was so fluid, natural, and powerful that I'm still shuddering from the crescendo. I thought I was prepared, but Her height and beauty are intimidating and distracting, Her methods are devious, and Her presence is all-encompassing." [full testimonial]

- Luke, August 2017

"I truly enjoyed meeting you---you are a genuinely lovely person!! ... I loved your manner, which was spot-on perfect for me. ... I am a very shy person but was amazed that I was able to put my trust in you implicitly. ... You are an exquisite beauty!!! ... Mistress Tissa, I really enjoyed talking to you immensely."

- ms, August 2017

"I had a smile on my face all day yesterday. Thank you for making me feel at ease, and for creating such a great session."

- slut e, August 2017

"Thank you very much for the wonderful time yesterday. ... I enjoyed your demeanor in the session, which allowed me to relax.... I look forward to [sessioning] again with you."

- J, July 2017

"Thank you for another great, intense session. I look forward to next time..."

- hopeless cuck, June 2017

"Thank you for the extraordinary experience today. I don't do this often, but would like very much to come back to see you again when I can. ... [You have] opened me up."

- sub r, May 2017

"When I am with Her, I know I am with a genuinely dominant, deliciously kinky and stunningly beautiful woman who totally controls my mind and body during the time we spend together. ... I love to feel challenged, to be pushed to go just a bit beyond what I think I can handle. I need to know my submission is valued and that I am pleasing my Mistress. I also need know that I will never be required to do more than I can deal with, that I am safe, respected, and cared for as a person. Mistress Tissa uses Her skills and personality to perfectly match these needs for me. She is exquisite and I feel honored She allows me to serve Her. [full testimonial]"

- Paula, May 2017

"You are FABULOUS. ... It was GREAT sessioning and meeting you. You've been on my mind all day... You look GREAT and SEXY as Catwoman. ... Best Catwoman ever! Even the ones on TV!  Can't wait to see you again and it will be soon!"

- sub d, May 2017

"The session You crafted was wonderful. I so appreciate...the way You took me places I have very rarely been. ... [You're] a consummate professional and a truly nice person. I will look forward to the next time I can see You.”

- subP, May 2017

"As a long time,35+years,Phila area sub who has met a lot of Doms in the area...Mistress Tissa is The Real Deal!"

- elahw2001, May 2017

"That was great. ... That was the most authentic experience I've ever had."

- footslut, April 2017

“Thank You again for the session today. Your training is superb and Your insights into the lifestyle that You shared with me will be useful in my private life."
- t2, April 2017

"I want you to know how very special this evening was for me. You made the time pass so quickly, and orchestrated the session so perfectly. I appreciate the care you exhibited. I have never felt so cared for during a scene. I was at ease and therefore I was able to free my mind and let You guide us."

- sub P, April 2017

"You were great ... different from other Dommes in a good way."

- tim, March 2017

​"Thank you for a lovely afternoon. It’s rare to find your combination of beauty, intellect, soulfulness, and [kink]. … You’re rare.”

​- g, March 2017

"I want You to know that You are the one pro-domme with whom I feel any sense of personal connection"

- subP, March 2017

"I am very gratefull for the opportunity You granted me yesterday to serve You. The session was very intense and fulfilling to me. You are a true artist of your craft."

- t2 , January 2017

"I had a remarkable time with you! You are the perfect blend of complete control, eroticism, and sensuality. I felt as if I [was] under an erotic hypnotic trance. Can't wait for the next time"

-slave g, January 2017

​"Mistress’ greatest strength is in the level of honesty, awareness and intellect she brings not just into the dungeon, but in all aspects of Her work. As a submissive, the greatest fear is that you’re going to be treated as “just a client.” However, Mistress finds the unique personal connective tie between Herself and you, and (in the best way) exploits that to Her benefit and to the likely mind-blowing nature of the session overall..." [full testimonial]

- marcie, December 2016

"It is quite obvious to anyone who sees you in pictures or in person that You are incredibly beautiful, and i am sure You are told that quite often.  During O/our sessions i can honestly say that You often took my breathe away, both literally and figuratively.  But, from my perspective, You are equally beautiful on the inside.  I mean that.  It is obvious to me that You truly care about others and that comes across in both words and more importantly in actions.  On top of that, i have always felt respected and valued as a slave/submissive to You...[full testimonial]"

- slave m, December 2016


"It was a wonder to serve you yesterday. Hopefully I will have the honor to do so again in the future."

- sub d, December 2016

"I recently had my first session with Mistress Tissa.  It was great!  A first class experience from start to finish. ... I found Mistress Tissa to be a beautiful and skilled dominatrix. ... My session with her was an incredible experience.  I very much look forward to serving Mistress Tissa again." [full testimonial]

- Monkey Dick, December 2016

"i'm still in a state of awe about yesterday. First and foremost, thank You. … Amazingly enough, yesterday was one of the first times i really actually loved myself. i go through a ton of self-frustration because i never quite feel "myself," … It's like walking around always feeling like i just don't fit. Yesterday, i felt like i fit. It was incredible."

- mvb, December 2016

"I can't wait for your power, your like the sun, you recharge me."

- slave john , December 2016

"Mistress, I wanted to express my gratitude for last night's session once again.  I truly enjoyed the experience ... As I said earlier I imagine it's very draining to be "on" and "present" for your clients at all times throughout the session , but you made it look effortless. The evening has given me a lot to process. I look forward to possible future sessions. Thank you for your dominance."

- John X, December 2016

"i ... have only respect and admiration for You. i have learned a lot about myself since meeting You. i obviously still have more to learn."

- slut b, November 2016

"I had a fantastic time.  I'm amazed at how well you incorporated everything we discussed.  The emotional release and the long lasting feeling of contentment that has followed is really fascinating."

- slave bob, October 2016

"Thank You again for seeing me today.  I had a wonderful session with an extraordinary woman.  You blended everything so perfectly. ... I look forward to the next time."
- sub paul, September 2016


"You are intoxicating and intimidating (in a good way)!  I'm so glad we met. Your  beauty and the ambiance of your tenemos surpassed my expectations. I look forward to you having your way with me again soon."

- Vince, September 2016

"i have visited many Mistresses and while some, not all, were quite good, none were THIS good.She is an experience to remember and Her pictures do not do Her justice.By the way, if you choose to visit Mistress, it is very important that you be able to let yourself go and not be self-conscious.Let - Your - Self - Go !!!, and Mistress Tissa will take it from there. You can trust Her. Believe me.Mistress Tissa, ... is simply the best !!" [full testimonial]

- paulette, August 2016

"I just wanted to THANK YOU for such a great session today.. You are so good at what you do, reading my body language during our session and getting a feel how far you can push me.your place was fantastic , your skills as a Mistresss are extraidionary . But my favorite part of today, was how comfortable I was with you today. PS. You have a great personality."

- John, August 2016

"we had an unforgettable experience Saturday Night. You have an amazing ability to make a session a memorable occasion. You manage to combined control, discipline,and humor ... Your laugh is so amazingly sexy...we could both tell it was from the heart. we hope you had as much fun as we did. we drove home that night feeling like all the stress from our week melted away.


Thank You for the pre-session time You put in up front to make our session great.   Also, Your outfits for both sessions were breath taking."

- c & s, August 2016

"Last night i had my first session with Mistress Tissa. It was a two hour session. It was amazing. Into this scene for more than 40 years I can say that She is among the very best..." [full testimonial]

"You remind me of Dommes from the 70s and 80s"

- gregg, July 2016


"Thank you so much for our time yesterday.  I really enjoyed being your slut.  I responded well to your control and enjoyed myself immensely. ... I look forward to seeing you again soon, if you will have me."

- Brian, July 2016

"I wanted to send a quick email to thank you for playing with me today.  I had an amazing time ... You had me feeling comfortable and at ease from the moment I walked into the door.  The flow you orchestrated during the scene was great, and it was evident that it was well thought out."

- mm, July 2016

​​​"I've been doing this for 27 years and this is the most genuine, authentic, and professional process I've ever experienced."

- Matt, July 2016

​​"You're a rarity, Mistress. ... All you have to do is provide your interests, limits, and Mistress will take care of the rest. ... You're in great hands."

- boi, June 2016


"Thanks for a wonderful session. I appreciate your skill, beauty and absolute professionalism. ... I look forward to meeting again and your thoughtful discussion about a next session."

- hopeless cuck, June 2016

"Thank You again, that was really amazing."

- Samantha, June 2016

​"Your response back showed both of us that that You possess all the qualities of a talented Mistress and a brilliant woman. we enjoyed your style of Dominance. Your dungeon blew us away. Everything about our session ... made us believe that we want (with your permission) to see you again."

- c & s, May 2016

"I had 90 min of subspace ... what a wonderful afternoon. Mistress is not a clock watcher and fulfills time and plus if all go’s right. I am an extreme nipple slut and Mistress filled my cup and at the end spilled it over by my own weakness. Mistress is very powerful both thru suggestion and semi force. I can say for those who are cautious or semi afraid it is time to put on your big boy pants and go see Mistress Tissa, stop just mind play, and let the best in Phila...do [it] for you. ... If you want your sub fantasies satisfied ... have a nice 90 min w/ Mistress you will not regret. I am still in space 6 hours later … WOW!!!!"

- slave john, May 2016


"Thank you for an evening to remember. Your grace, power, and presence captivated me .... I can't wait to see you again. Dazed and delighted, I remain."

- sissy slut andrea, May 2016


"In my wildest dreams, I could not entertain the thoughts of this evenings session with you as my Mistress. It was exceptional and with your permission, would like to be your pain slut, and slave in the not to distant future."

- David, April 2016

"I just wanted to say thank you and that I enjoyed our session very much. I am looking forward to the next opportunity I may have to do a session with you."

-m, April 2016


"Thank you again for an amazing afternoon. I satisfied my curiosity and know that your world is one I now want to be a part of. Thank you for being so patient and considerate. You made me comfortable and unafraid.
I know this was only a start, but I look forward to you guiding me along this path. You are an amazing person. You are an elegant woman in every possible way. I understand why it is hard to say no to you and why many - now including me - so very much want to please you. ... Thank you again for all you did for me. I am honored and humbled to know you."

- sub t, March 2016


"Thank you for a truly Fantastic session last night. It was my honor to serve you as your insatiable...whore! What a night!!"

- sub m, February 2016


"Aren't you amazing? Talk about authentic! What a great encounter!"

- bt, February 2016


"I must thank you again for our session last night.  It was beyond what
I imagined and I look forward to continuing this journey with you."

- b2, February 2016

"Mistress, you're the real deal..."

- p, January 2016


"i wanted to thank You for a great session today. i felt like such a used whore. It was a really amazing feeling...especially Your in depth, humiliating words which i have a feeling will stick with me for a while. You are an absolute expert at what You do and i am so happy i got the chance to serve You today. Thank You so much!""

- panty faggot, January 2016


"You are exceptional. You're one of a kind. You, and Your relentless interpretation of my kinks, were breathless. It's great to know that I can call You when the time comes."

- pauletta, January 2016


"Mistress, you are what I've been looking for."

- K, December 2015


"...you're the consummate professional..."

- gg , Decembeer 2015


"From the moment you enter her temenos you will know that you are in the presence of a true Goddess.   Her intoxicating beauty, her alluring voice, her controlling demeanor, and her ability to read your most inner thoughts make you realize very quickly that you are about to go on a journey that will stay with you for a very long time.
Thankfully Mistress Tissa has permitted me to be a regular submissive and I have become a regular visitor to her temenos, and I cannot stay away.  Every session is unique, equally pleasurable and exciting, and beyond my wildest imagination.  I have had sessions with many different Dommes, but none as beautiful, powerful, and controlling as Mistress Tissa.
Thank you Mistress Tissa for allowing me to serve you in complete submission!"

- slave m, November 2015

"It was so nice talking to You today. It is very nice to know You take so much interest and care about what You do."

- slut b, October 2016

"You are the Goddess-on-Earth type of a woman, Mistress Tissa."

- WS, September 2015

"You've had a lot to do with how comfortable i'm becoming with myself on certain levels, just with how accepting of me You've been and how comfortable You've made me feel about really letting go and truly being myself in O/our sessions, and i just wanted to say thank You for that."

- re, August 2015

"that was the first time i've cried in a long time and it really did feel as You described it ... cleansing ... especially so because of the positive atmosphere it was allowed to happened in. i felt like i was free to feel whatever i was feeling with no judgment ... i've only had an experience like that once before and i've always kind of yearned for it again and wondered in general if i'd ever actually experience it again. Thank You for taking me there. It really was amazing for me."

- c, July 2015

"thank you for a great session. It was just perfect, I felt very comfortable with you. [He] kept telling me that you would take good care of us even though I was pretty nervous."

- Lynn, July 2015


"that was the first time i've cried in a long time and it really did feel as You described it ... cleansing ... especially so because of the positive atmosphere it was allowed to happened in. i felt like i was free to feel whatever i was feeling with no judgment ... i've only had an experience like that once before and i've always kind of yearned for it again and wondered in general if i'd ever actually experience it again. Thank You for taking me there. It really was amazing for me."

- c, July 2015

"i wanted to thank You for an amazing session and experience today. i was a little nervous when i first arrived but You quickly put me at ease with how clearly in control and confident You were. As i was being lead down the steps to Your dungeon i felt all of my inhibitions quickly fading away.  Your dungeon is a truly intimate place where anything can happen. i felt like a piece of clay ready to be molded into anything You desired. You stretched my mind and body to new places today. It was a cathartic experience that i will not soon forget and i'm already looking forward to serving You again with great anticipation."

- c, July 2015

"Thank you for such an exceptional session. ... I could see myself doing anything you ask. ... I would definitely like to experience lots more with you."

- j, May 2015

"You are spectacular. no words were better said then 'some things were worth waiting for....' it could not have been better. ... thank you so much. it was wonderful looking at you from the ceiling watching you spank my lily white bottom. i m still on cloud 9. cant wait to do it again."

- b, May 2015

"I enjoyed communicating with you immensely, and wanted to thank you again for the time spent. Your a credit to your profession, and otherwise just a great person. Appreciate all of it!"

- T, April 2015


"Just a quick belated note to thank You for the very exciting and memorable session on Saturday. The [coverup] that You wore was so very classy, and You were "jaw-droppingly" beautiful in the incredibly sexy outfit that You revealed... i hope You will forgive me if i made You uncomfortable with my uncontrollable "gawking."  Thanks too for being so patient with my "condition" and persevering to find a way to reintroduce me to the "boys" that You had me service.  Finally, thank You for being so gracious in accepting my humble [gift]. i look forward to O/our next encounter."

- e, March 2015

"I hope i can again serve You in some capacity, Mistress. It is clear to me after one meeting that You are a special person on several levels."

- d

"Mistress, last night's session changed my life. I am still reeling from it. I feel like a totally changed person today. Never in my wildest dreams have I ever imagined being taken like that. Its changed my whole outlook. I know I can't ever go back to the way I was. I can't thank you enough."

- f