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Coaching is about helping you achieve change in your life.

It is NOT erotic play.

There are no BDSM, fetish, or fantasy activities.

I am not your Dominatrix and you are not my submissive.

If you are looking for that you want a BDSM session, which you can initiate on the Contact page.

Are you having a tough time figuring out what is going on in your life and why? Or maybe you have some idea but aren’t sure how to begin to change it? Have you tried traditional therapy but felt misunderstood, judged, or let down? Or do you feel trapped or hopeless and wish things were different? I might be just the person who can help.

My primary areas of expertise are identity, sex, intimacy, and relationships. Some areas of support:

  • Understanding and managing your kinks

  • Introducing kink to a lover, partner, or spouse

  • Identifying/developing your Dominance or submission

  • Developing and nurturing intimate relationships

  • Intimacy problems and solutions

  • How to identify and negotiate your needs

  • Self-awareness, development, and actualization

  • Feelings of sexual inferiority

  • How to have better sex

  • Understanding and exploring gender and/or sexual identity and expression

  • Gender transition


If you are having difficulty with these or other related issues, I may be able to help you. I have a Bachelor's in Psychology and completed work toward a Master's in Clinical Psychology where I had training to be a psychotherapist. Professionally, I have experience as a counselor and coach, case manager, consultant, sexual behavior and health educator, and advocate. I also have extensive experience with many of these issues on a personal level.

Additionally, I have competence and experience working with a variety of people. From those with various gender identities and presentations, sexual orientations, ethnicities and colors, religions and spiritualities, vocations, income levels, health conditions, and life experiences. I consider myself a cultural "chameleon".

My theoretical orientation is eclectic, but grounded in a transpersonal ethic. In my work with you, I may employ different perspectives but primarily use a blend of psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, emotionally-focused, narrative, collaborative, and solution-focused frameworks. I also welcome incorporating a spiritual/religious component that is reflective of your beliefs, if that is important to you.

My style is a results-driven blend of information gathering, analysis and coaching. I can help you discover what may be hidden to you and conceive of a plan to make the change in your life you want to make, remembering that change is incremental.

I provide both individual and couples counsel and coaching to people of any sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, color, nationality, (dis)ability, and age 18 and over. I can offer support to you for one session or several.

If you are interested in speaking with me, please fill out the form below. If you are someone I believe I can help, I will contact you to schedule a call. If I don’t believe I can help you, I will attempt to refer you to someone who can.

When you need to talk and are ready for change, I’m here.




Coaching sessions are currently available by appointment via phone (no video). Appointments are pre-paid and 45 minutes in length.

All submissions are confidential.  Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

Support Concepts:

  • Identity: confusion, embarrassment, shame, guilt, exploration, formation, integration, actualization

  • Sexuality: confusion, embarrassment, shame, guilt, exploration, expression, formation, integration

  • Sex: embarrassment, shame, feelings of inadequacy, quality, kink/BDSM, negotiation, exploration, integration, fulfillment

  • Intimacy: confusion, lack of, barriers, quality, deepening

  • Relationships: forming, releasing, barriers, quality, communication, kinky (D/s, M/s), fulfillment

"I don’t think my response expressed how much talking with you meant to me. ... This one call has been more helpful than 5 sessions with a therapist ... it was more helpful than I had expected it would be!

I am so happy to have talked with you and it made me feel positive that we can work this out. ... I look forward to continuing to work on this with you.  Thank you so much!!!

— Brian G


3pm to Midnight EST

Please inquire if your needs are outside my hours.



$90 / 45-minute phone session


$120 / 45-minute phone session

I'm sorry but I'm unable to accept insurance.

Mistress Tissa Philadelphia Dominatrix
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