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Sincere submissives or slaves are invited to request my leadership, expertise, or ownership in the form of a contract.

Contracts are structured agreements that can be, but are not limited to, one or more of the following areas:

Contracts are personalized, depending on the area of need, personal limitations, and related goals that both you and I set for you.

Requesting a contract is not akin to having me "on call" to provide play or discipline in the manner you desire. If you ask me to assume control of your diet, finances, or chastity the expectation is that you are committed to submit to me through the agreed-upon terms of the contract. You will not start and stop the contract at your discretion, such as choosing what day you will follow your diet, taking a week off from your finance budget or tribute schedule, or removing your chastity device at any time and for whatever reason you wish. When you violate the terms we agree upon, you will be held accountable. The can occur in many ways, from losing privileges to paying a fine.

Enforcement can occur monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, or 2 or more times a week and through one or more of in-person sessions, webcam, phone, email, or IM.


Various techniques are employed in the execution of contract. I use my natural Dominance, my expertise in BDSM, and my training in clinical psychology to provide guidance and/or keep you in line.

The tribute for contracts is highly variable. It's dependent on the type and length of contract, and the frequency and method of enforcement. Please see Tribute page for more info.


I enthusiastically welcome individuals of any sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, color, religion, (dis)ability, body type, and legal age to submit a request.


If your interest does not involve a D/s or M/s dynamic and is more of a life coaching approach (i.e. we're equals), please visit my coaching page and submit the form there.

All submissions are confidential, unless you have violated the terms under "Confidentiality" on my Protocol page.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply.

The only way I accept ​a contract request is through my online form.

Due to regular abuse of this form I only grant access to those sincere about a contract.

To show me you're sincere you must send a donation in the form of a gift card. Card suggestions can be found on my Offerings page.

Without access to the form you will not be able to request a contract with me.

In an amount of your choosing, please send your donation to:



In the gift card's message field, put:

"GIFT FROM [your email address]"


If you cannot enter in your email, add additional characters, such as:

yourname (at) emailhost (dot) com

If you want to avoid an electronic transaction buy a physical card and email the code from the back to the above address.

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