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Sincere submissives or slaves are invited to request my leadership, expertise, or ownership in the form of a contract.

Contracts are structured agreements that can be, but are not limited to, one or more of the following areas:

Contracts are personalized, depending on the area of need, personal limitations, and related goals that both you and I set for you.

Enforcement can occur quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, or 2-3 times a week and through one or more of in-person sessions, webcam, phone, email, or IM.


Various techniques are employed in the execution of contract. I use my natural Dominance, my expertise in BDSM, and my training in clinical psychology to hold you accountable.

The tribute for contracts varies highly and is dependent on the type, frequency, method of enforcement, and length. Please see Tribute page for more info.

I enthusiastically welcome individuals of any sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, color, religion, (dis)ability, body type, and legal age to submit a request.


If your interest is not erotic and strictly about life coaching, please visit my coaching page and submit the form there.

All submissions are confidential, unless you have violated the terms under "Confidentiality" on my Protocol page.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply.

There has been a huge increase in phony submissions. These people must be weeded out.


Session requests accompanied by a donation in the form of Amazon gift card will be guaranteed a reply. If I see your request come in and there is not a donation I may not reply.

This includes those who have requested any type of contract or scene before but either never followed through or who let their contract lapse and are requesting a new one.

Once you have completed your contract request you will be sent to a page to initiate your donation.