From ancient times, people have given gifts, offerings, tokens, tributes, and supplications to those they respected, admired, loved, adored, and worshiped. Like any Goddess, I love such things.


Please select something from my lists.

While I sincerely appreciate all gestures, I don't want you to waste your money.  

I've received  things that I cannot use or make me uncomfortable and I'd rather avoid that entirely.

If you feel you absolutely must deviate from my selections, please ask me first.

Thank you!


No  flowers, please!


Here are some things I need and am willing to trade for session time. All items must be approved in advance. The amount of time will be determined on the quality of the offering and will be fair.

  • airfare discounts

  • custom professional dungeon furniture

  • custom high-quality faux leather/faux suede impact toys

  • custom faux leather/faux suede gear

  • custom sterling silver jewelry

Please note: I do not accept gifts as payment for consultations or sessions.

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