Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with my protocol. Contacting me means you accept my terms. 


  • You must be at least 18 years of age.

  • You will address me as Mistress or Ms. Tissa, in the same way I will refer to you in the manner you prefer.

  • Be polite and respectful at all times. If this is difficult for you, don't contact me. Polite ignorance is forgiven, but if you are rude, demeaning, act entitled, or push on boundaries you will be asked to leave the premises and will not be offered a refund.

  • I'm here to offer my Domination, not to receive yours. No pushy bottoms or scene directors.

  • Do not become intoxicated prior to our session. If you have taken any illegal drug, I will NOT session with you. Alcohol should be limited to ONE drink, unless one drink will impair you, then do not drink at all.

  • Please be courteous with your hygiene and grooming. Pay particular attention to your breath and your ass so that neither of them stink. If you'd like to read my guide to preparation, click here.

  • Do not wear any kind of fragrance. It gives me a headache.

  • Do not ask me to remove my clothing, masturbate, or have sex with you. If you do, I will end the session and you will not be offered a refund.

  • Do not touch me in any way unless I have given you explicit permission. If you do, I take no responsibility for the way in which I may instinctively fuck you up. I will also end the session and you will not be offered a refund.

  • Do not discuss your personal life. I don't want to hear about your wife or husband or kids - and I sure as hell don't want to see photos of them. The details of your life are your business, not mine, and I'd rather you keep them to yourself.

  • All contact -- whether email, phone, or sessions -- is private and confidential. This goes BOTH ways, and means that I ask you respect my privacy the way I respect yours. So, please, no gossip. Read more here.

  • Sessions occur at my discretion and I reserve the right to refuse to session with anyone who I deem a risk and/or violates the terms of our agreement.


PLEASE NOTE: I do not offer same-day requests. Sessions for new clients are initiated by completing the form on my Contact page. I do not accept emails or phone calls from you if I have not yet seen you. All new inquiries must be sent through My form. Sessions from existing clients can simply be emailed to me. All you have to do is provide the date, time, and length of scene and I will let you know if I'm available. Please include any changes to your interests, limits, health, and medications at that time. If none are indicated I will assume they are the same. Please take your time filling out my session request form. Hurrying through my questions won't help you see me faster, but it is likely to require a longer consultation. A longer consult will cost you more. A consultation about your session is mandatory. This is how we get to know one another and is an essential aspect of how I maximize our time together. If I have never seen you before expect to pay for our initial talk. Existing clients are offered free or discounted consultations when making updates to their personal profile or scene requests. I'm not available in the AM hours. Whether it's for a session or to answer emails. The only time I make myself available outside my hours is for sincere players in vastly different timezones. If this is not your case, please do not expect any phone calls or replies to your emails during that time. I don't leave voicemail messages. This is to protect both your and my privacy. I cannot send or receive text messages. My business line is not a cell phone and not text-capable. If you send me a text it disappears into a void. Always send email. Do not act rude, pushy, or entitled. It really should go without saying, but people actually behave this way. A lack of manners is more shocking to me than any kink you may have. Mutual respect is essential for us to have a good time.


All new submissives must be vetted according to my standards. I'm a very security minded person and thus my standards have been carefully considered and created with both my safety and yours in mind. Vetting is not something that can happen same-day. This is the primary reason why I don't offer same-day scenes. Everyone must be vetted first. This process can take from one day to a week. It depends on whether you have references or not, and if your references are available to respond to me. Vetting needs to be completed by 9pm the night before our appointment. I don't stay up until the wee hours of the morning or scramble the day of our session to vet you. Your references are solely your reponsibility. I will not do research or chase people down for you. This is not my job. Have them in order when you request a scene. New clients using reference must provide at least two (2). They should be from active professionals that you have seen within the last three years. Professional references must be verifiable and trustworthy. Acceptable references meet the following criteria: 1. Are established and reputable professionals. No amateurs or hobbyists. 2. Have their own personal website with a custom domain, e.g. MistressXYZ.com. 3. Are not using a free social media profile or advertisement platform as a "website", such as Twitter or Eros. 4. If they don't use an email address with their own personal domain but instead use a free email address, such as Gmail or Yahoo, I must be able to verify it actually belongs to them. If the provider doesn't meet these professional criteria, I can't accept them as a professional reference. ALL references WILL BE checked. Please make sure you have your facts straight, such as when you saw them and what name they know you by because I won't be wasting my time going back and forth trying to figure this out for you. Lying about them isn't a good idea because once I find out you will IMMEDIATELY be banned from any session with me for LIFE. I HIGHLY recommend you ask a Domme if she'll provide a reference for you before you attempt to use Her as one. Some Dommes do not provide references. Some do not provide references to certain people. Ask her first to ensure you're prepared and won't be let down. Also, be sure she will be available to provide one in a timely fashion. (I have had some Dommes take a week to get back to me.) If I am unable to complete the vetting process by my deadline I will not be able to conduct the scene with you. If you have questions or concerns about timelines be sure to ask when you request a scene. My inability to complete this process due to no fault of my own is not grounds to request refunds on tribute paid. You can absolutely transfer your deposit to a new date after the vetting process is complete. Again: please get your references in order, so I can focus on the scene with you and not this stuff. If you have old, retired, or no references, we can discuss the options. While I will make an earnest effort to figure something reasonable out, please understand this is an issue of mutual safety and what is satisfactory is ultimately my call.


I conduct sessions seven days a week, between 2pm and 10pm. Holidays may or may not be available. Please always check my schedule before requesting ANY scene. Requests to session outside of my availability may be arranged but tribute will be doubled for the time that falls outside those hours. For example: a two-hour session starting at 11am will have one hour doubled and one hour at normal tribute. I do not accept same-day requests. "Same-day" is defined as the 24-hour period before the time you're requesting. Your first scene with me must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, availability permitting. Existing clients have the privilege of requesting scenes outside my hours. However, tribute will be doubled and availability is not guaranteed. Sessions in Temenos are private. You will see no one but Me -- unless I have your consent for additional parties. Sessions conducted elsewhere are offered on at my discretion and are available only to those who have already established a trusting relationship with me OR who have excellent, current references. You are responsible for all costs involved. If it's somewhere I'm already going to be, such as a play party, then you are not. Outcalls at play parties must be paid in-full and in advance. I will not conduct sessions in your home. I can only imagine what delights I might encounter. Arrive precisely at the time your session is scheduled. If our appointment is 2pm, that is the time I'm expecting you. If you arrive early I will not be able to let you in. Late arrivals may result in a reduction of the session time but with no reduction in tribute. Please notify me if you're going to be late. I generally don't take wardrobe requests. I don't like someone telling me how I should dress myself. However, I'm okay if your request is general, such as "latex" or "thigh-high boots". Another exception is if you buy something for me from my Wishlist. you are likely to receive the honor of my wearing your gift during our session.


MY SHOWER IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE Bathroom and shower facilities are available to all my guests. They are modern and clean. I can provide you with toiletries and clean towels. All you have to do is ask. (Please note that this may cut into your session time if you take longer or I have someone scheduled immediately after you.) If you'd like to take a shower when you arrive or before you leave, it's helpful if you let Me know in advance of your visit so I can be absolutely sure it's ready for you. Please be courteous when using my bathrooms. Please don't linger or leave a mess. I don't want to clean up a wet floor or a soap spill in what is a courtesy to begin with. I appreciate your conscientiousness as my guest. When our session is finished, please do not expect to hang out for a while afterward. While I always make time for aftercare, if needed, and welcome a brief exchange about the session, any lengthy discussion either needs to be negotiated in advance so I allot time for it or it needs to take place at another time. I may have another client after you and that can affect My time to prepare for them.


I take privacy very seriously and take several measures to secure it. I do not leave voicemail messages, all correspondence is password protected and only accessed by me, and I do not take photos, video, or refer to you on public sites or in forums without your explicit permission. In other words: What happens with me, stays with me...unless you say otherwise. I do not provide references unless you explicitly release me to do so. This ensures you the highest level of privacy. You must provide a written release for each person for whom you wish me to provide a reference. If I am contacted by anyone asking for one without first having heard from you, I will be unable to answer. There are three instances in which I will break confidentiality: 1. If you pose a threat to yourself, 2. If you post a threat to someone else (this includes me), or 3. In some legal cases. For example, if you commit a crime against me this would violate condition number two and your right to confidentiality would be lost. These are standard rules in various professions in which confidentiality is practiced. I ask that you respect my privacy as I will respect yours. I do not discuss identifying details about you (i.e. your name, phone number, etc) or our session(s) without your consent. I expect you to extend the same courtesy to me as I do to you. Please read more about this here.


A 50% deposit is required from everyone the first time you session with me. This is applied toward the total tribute and is not an additional cost. Having references does not justify an exemption. Some people with good references have proven to be inconsiderate and unreliable. In most cases, subsequrent sessions require no deposit at all. Exceptions to this are: when requesting additional parties, scenes which require special supplies, or a scene at another location. Deposits can be sent electronically or by mail. Instructions will be provided at the time when tribute is due. Be sure to allow adequate time if you're sending by mail. I will not work on any aspect of the session until it is received. Read more details here. I do not accept gift cards for deposits. If you are unable to send an electronic payment due to privacy concerns you can try paying with a pre-paid Visa. Make sure it says it can be used for online transactions. Please pay your deposit promptly. Once I schedule time for you, please send it as soon as possible. If the session is for the next day, it must be sent electronically and it is due within the hour. If you do not send it within that time, your spot will be lost. Vetting and reference checks will not occur until AFTER the deposit has been paid. Vetting you is work and I don't work on our scene until you show me that you are as serious as I am. I respect your time and ask that you respect mine. Deposits, while transferable, are non-refundable*. I allow deposit transfers for the following situations when I am given adequate notice: 1. Any notice 24 hours or more before the session time ( 48 hours for away sessions) 2. if vetting is not completed by 9pm the night before our session 3. illness (4-hour notice) However, if you cancel less than 4 hours in advance or are a no-show, you will forfeit your deposit and will be required to pay a new one to reschedule. See more detail about cancellations and rescheduling below. *Exceptions occur at My discretion. I have the right to request a larger deposit. Some examples of when I might do this: requests for more complicated sessions (e.g. additional parties, other locations), a history of flakiness, having to do an excessive amount of work to vet you, and sessions which involve My needing to get materials or make special preparations. I reserve the right to rescind any offers to apply your consultation fee toward your deposit/tribute. Though infrequent, it has happened with very flaky and disorganized people who have caused me to do an unusually excessive amount of work to prepare for the session. If you don't like this policy, realize you have control over this outcome by being on top of your own situation.