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Please take some time to familiarize yourself with my protocol. Contacting me means you accept my terms. 


You must be at least 21 years of age.

Be respectful and show your manners. I'm more offended when someone can't say "please" and "thank you" than any fantasy you have. Polite ignorance is forgiven, but if you are rude, demeaning, act entitled, or push on boundaries you will be asked to leave the premises and will not be offered a refund.

Do not become intoxicated prior to our session. If you arrive in a compromised condition I will not play with you. This has nothing to do with my beliefs about drug use, it has to do with how impairment affects your physiology and psychology.

Do not wear cologne or perfume. It gives me a headache. (Soap with a fragrance is fine.)

Do not touch me in any way unless I have given you explicit permission. If you do I take no responsibility for the way in which I may instinctively fuck you up. I will end the session and you forfeit your tribute.

All contact -- whether email, phone, or sessions -- is private and confidential. This goes BOTH ways, and means that I ask you respect my privacy the way I respect yours. So, please, no gossip. Read more here.

I prefer to be addressed as Mistress or Ms. Tissa, in the same way I will refer to you in the manner you prefer.


I'm here to offer my Domination, not to receive yours. No pushy bottoms or scene directors.


Please be courteous with your hygiene and grooming. Pay particular attention to your breath, pits, and ass so that they do not stink and wear clean clothes. You may read my guide to preparation.

Do not ask me to remove my clothing, masturbate, or have sex with you. These requests are inappropriate and will result in my stopping the session and asking you to leave. No refunds will be given.

Do not discuss your personal life. I don't want to hear about your wife or husband or kids - and I sure as hell don't want to see photos of them. The details of your life are your business, not mine, and I'd rather you keep them to yourself.

Sessions occur at my discretion and I reserve the right to refuse to session with anyone who I deem a risk and/or violates the terms of our agreement.

  • Do you really look like your photos?
    People have told me they think I look better than my photos.
  • I'm new and have never done anything like this before. Is that a problem?
    Not at all! I'm very adept at helping and playing with people who have little to no experience with BDSM and I welcome them.
  • How do I explain what I like? What if I don't know?
    Spend some time thinking about it. One way to start is my Interests page. Peruse the different things I have listed there. Which interest you as well? Choose the ones that you're most attracted to and put those in your application. For those things you're unfamiliar with, use a search engine and do some research. If you're still unsure and would like a dialogue about it, I offer paid coaching sessions in which I use my expertise to help you figure out what would make sense for you. Or you can book an Exploratory session. In this type of session I guide you through select activities to see what feels good to you. This type of session should be at least 2 hours.
  • What is your favorite type of play, Mistress?
    It's not necessarily about specific activites, but more about our dynamic. I really enjoy sessioning with people who are open-minded and willing to try new things. I'm most energized by those who allow themselves to be vulnerable. I love when you show up ready surrender to me and lose yourself in the experience. This is when I come alive and My creativity can run free.
  • What kind of play do you dislike, Mistress?"
    Aside from issues around limits, it's really about the person I'm playing with. I tend to not work well with stoic types. Though I appreciate when people offer up their minds and bodies for my enjoyment, If someone is not willing to open up emotionally during a session, I will have difficulty connecting with them and will likely not enjoy what I'm doing. I love you emotive types!
  • What is your availability?
    I conduct sessions seven days a week between noon and midnight. At this time, I offer sessions ranging from 1 to 8 hours in length. I'm willing to consider sessions outside of my hours for those with extenuating circumstances, but tribute will be doubled. Check my Schedule page for more information.
  • How do we get started?
    If you’re interested in a real-time BDSM session or online training, please go to my Contact page and follow the instructions. If you're interested in coaching, please fill out the form on the Coaching page. I will review it and if I think we're a potential match, I will contact you by email to schedule a session consultation or coaching call, both of which are by phone. During our talk, we will review and discuss the information you sent to me, including any questions or concerns you may have. For BDSM sessions, we will figure out a time that works for both of us. If during our talk I do not think we're a good match or that I can't help you as a coach, please don't be hurt. I would rather be honest with you than take your money and not feel good about the session.
  • I'm interested in becoming a professional Dominatrix. Can you help me?
    While I do not offer mentorship, I do offer paid business consulting. For some details about this, please check my sessions page. If you're interested in a consultation, please complete the form on my contact page.
  • Is your dungeon available to rent?
    Unfortunately, it is not.
  • I submitted an application for a session with you. When can I expect to get a response?
    I respond to applications as soon as I can, usually somewhere between same-day and 48 hours. If I'm traveling (check my Schedule page), it may take longer. I try to email and make calls when I'm away, but please do not expect it if I'm on vacation. If I have not replied within 4 days, there may be a problem. Please try again. If I don't reply to your second application, I'm not interested in a scene with you. When I do reply, expect the next step to be to set up a phone consultation to discuss the session. Please be aware this is mandatory and is for both our benefit. I usually conduct consults between 3pm - 11pm EST.
  • I'm traveling to your area and would like arrange a session with you. How do I arrange this?
    As with everyone else, please begin by filling out the form on My Contact page, as I ask for all people who would like to session with Me. Indicate in your application where you are located and what date(s) and time(s) you will available for a session. If I'm interested in sessioning with you, I will contact you to set up a time to speak. My number is a U.S. number, so if you're not located in the U.S., be prepared to pay any associated costs for the call. Also, please keep in mind differences in time zone when asking to schedule a consultation. My preference is to speak between 3pm and 3am Eastern, but can be flexible for sincere clients when needed.
  • I contacted you on Twitter/FetLife/some forum and you never responded. Why not?
    As is written on my contact page, and has been mentioned several times elsewhere, I do not respond to inquiries about professional sessions anywhere than through the request form on my website. If you are interested in a session, fill it out. It's that simple. If you have some questions than are not answered on my website or just want some casual conversation with me before requesting a session, you can do this through NiteFlirt. Open an account and send me a message saying you'd like to chat. We'll set up a time and you can ask whatever you'd like. Otherwise, please fill out the form and ask there.
  • Can I talk to you before a session?
    Yes. I actually require a phone consultation before I agree to session with you. This call is to get a feel for one another and what you're looking for. It is casual and of a professional nature, not "phone sex" or "therapy". In most cases, consultations are tributed. They are either conducted through NiteFlirt, if privacy is required, or to me directly. (The links to My NiteFlirt lines are on My Contact page.)
  • How do consultations work?
    I provide consultations for every new client that requests a session. They are conducted via phone and are mandatory. Consultations are almost always paid. I used to offer them for free but quickly learned that people would shamelessly take advantage of my generosity, pretending to be interested in a session so they can talk about what gets them aroused; showing no respect for me in the process. Your willingness to invest in our time together shows you are serious, understand that quality has value, and are more likely to be the kind of person I enjoy inviting into my dungeon. The cost of our call depends on various factors, such as the information you provide me when you request a session, the length of session you're requesting, your experience level, etc., so I do not charge a flat rate and thus cannot tell you exactly how much it will cost. Important to know is that the consultation is not a promise that a session will occur. After speaking, we both decide if we'd like to go forward. Please note that if you or I decide for any reason that we are not interested in a session, the consultation fee is not refundable. If you are worried that I would pretend to be interested in a session so that I can get a consultation tribute from you, release that worry. If I'm not sincerely interested in discussing a session with you, I will either tell you or, if you don't come across serious or are asking for my limits, I won't reply.
  • Can I meet you before a session?
    Sorry, I don't meet people in person before a session. For me, it's unnecessary. I find speaking with people on the phone to be sufficient for a real-time session.
  • Do you require a deposit? Why?
    Yes, I require deposits on all first-time sessions with me. I also require deposits on scenes which require additional materials or special planning. Deposits are a common means of securing goods or services. To ensure that you are as serious as I am, I require a deposit between 25 and 50% of the total tribute for all new clients and sometimes for particular types of scenes or locations. Any deposit you pay will go toward your tribute. If you take issue with this, please understand that this is common practice, not just in BDSM, but in many other professions. Preparing for your session takes time and resources. If you ask Me to reserve time for you, I then take three hours to prepare for our session, and then you decide you’re not going to show, you cause Me to lose time and money. This is not fair to Me and not sustainable. If you are concerned that I will take your money and run, I don't even feel tempation to do such a thing. Not only am I a highly ethical professional, there is no way I could be stealing people's money and be around this long. With as pervasive and immediate as social media is, word would get out and that would be the end of me as a Dominatrix.
  • How do I send a tribute?
    Tributes for coaching, a consultation, or a deposit* can be sent electronically or via mail. If sending by mail, I accept cash or a money order. I never accept checks. Please keep in mind that if you will be sending it by mail that you will need to allow sufficient time for me to receive it before a consultation or session will occur. The deadline is the business day PRIOR to our scheduled appointment. For example, if we have an appointment scheduled for Monday afternoon, I must receive it by Saturday. If it does not arrive the day prior, we will need to reschedule our session. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Specific instructions will be provided at the time when the tribute is due. Please note: Gifts cards of any type are not permissible unless explicitly approved. *In some cases, I will request a deposit be send via mail.
  • What if I can't afford your tribute?
    I understand that not everyone can afford the services of a professional Dominatrix. I am sensitive to the class issues created by this and am willing to consider a reduced tribute for a high-quality good and/or service in exchange. For ideas of what you can barter, please see my Offerings page. If you wish to offer something to me, fill out the application on my Contact page and indicate specifically what you would like to offer and for how much session time you'd like to exchange it for. Please note: I do not barter for massages or housework. (I can get them both for free.)
  • Can I bring my own clothes and/or toys?
    Yes. For those of you who enjoy dressing en femme, I can provide some things (wigs, makeup, breast forms, bra, panties, garters, stockings, heels, etc), but I may not have your size or aesthetic preference, so please feel free to bring your own. Also, if you have a particular toy or piece of gear you enjoy using, I may be willing to use it. Please just mention what you'd like to incorporate in a session when you fill out the form on my Contact page and I'll let you know if I'm comfortable using it.
  • Should I bring a gift or tip?
    Both are welcome and appreciated, but not required. If you'd like to send or bring one, I ask that you select something from my Offerings page. If you want to pick something up on your way, an easy favorite is La Croix sparkling water (see preferred flavors here) or a gift card (Etsy, eBay, and Visa are good choices). I also like import beers (no bocks, please). Please ensure all gifts are sealed. I do not accept open containers. Tips can be in any amount you feel comfortable giving.
  • Will I see anyone but you when I come for a session?
    Unless you have consented to additional parties, you will see only me.
  • Do you mind if I have a toke or a few drinks before I arrive?
    Drugs are NEVER permissible (this includes poppers), but if you wish to have ONE alcoholic drink prior to our session, that's fine, unless one drink will impair you, then do not drink at all. I will not session with you if you appear intoxicated or smell strongly of alcohol because it is a risk for both you AND me, and I do not consent to this risk. Also: DO NOT drink and drive. If you will be driving and would like a drink, I'd rather you bring it and have it when you arrive. There are also bars within walking distance of my location. This is NOT a recommendation to drink. If you use to heighten pleasure or to assuage your nerves, please talk to me about other, safer options.
  • What can I expect for my first session?
    When you arrive, I will briefly revisit the agreed upon activities and session guidelines, as well as review any injuries or medical conditions you may have. Then, when you are comfortable, we will begin. The session itself will depend on what we've agreed to do and for long we've agreed to do it. Time is allotted for any needed aftercare once we have finished.
  • Does this have to hurt or be scary?
    No and no. Sessions don't have to involve what many people consider "pain", nor do they have to be scary. However, I'm not energized by sessions which are purely sensual. That's not my style as a Dominatrix and I reserve that style of play for my private life. If you're not interested in even a mild level of discomfort (physically or emotionally), I'm likely not a good match for you.
  • Do you work with any other Dominants or submissives?
    I'm not currently working with any other professionals. If you are interested in a session with another pro Domme or sub and myself, please include that in your application and I will let you know if it's possible to arrange.
  • How do I know I'm safe?
    Your physical and mental well-being are of the utmost importance to me. I realize that agreeing to session with someone you've never met can feel frightening and intimidating. This is one reason why I require a phone conversation prior to booking a session. (You can take a look at my testimonials to see what people who have sessioned with me have said about their experiences.) Everything we do is negotiated and consensual, and with awareness of the models of Safe, Sane, and Consensual (SSC), Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK), Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink (PRICK), and Committed Compassionate Consent (CCC). My approach is strongly rooted in the harm reduction philosophy and that all participating individuals are able to rescind consent at any time. If a medical emergency should occur during our session, I am certified in CPR and first aid by the American Red Cross. I know the location of the nearest hospital and crisis center. If you are alert, I ask your consent before any assistance is offered. If you are unconscious, I use my training and judgment for the best course of action. Any conversations with staff members will be had with a commitment to maintain our privacy as much as possible.
  • Will everything I want happen during a scene?
    If we negotiate something to occur, it will occur. I do not engage in bait and switch tactics or omit agreed-upon activities.
  • Do you have any pets?
    Yes. I have cats. While they're not allowed to hang out in my Temenos (either during or outside of sessions), they occasionally manage to sneak into The Place They Know They're Not Allowed because this is what cats love to do. If you're allergic, please let me know in advance so I can try to accomdate your needs.
  • Can you accommodate a latex allergy?
    Yes! If you are allergic to latex, please let me know in your application.
  • Can you accommodate people who have ethical concerns around using leather and fur in play?
    Yes! In my practice, I follow a Consensual Cruelty ethic. Everything in my dungeon is either faux leather, faux suede, rubber, vinyl, or other non-animal-sourced material.
  • Is your dungeon accesible?
    Though Temenos is not accessible, my mind is. I'm happy -- and determined -- to help figure out how to make a session work for you if you have mobility issues. Simply indicate your needs on the session request form and I'll do everything I can to come up with a solution.
  • How do you clean your dungeon?
    I use different methods depending on what nasties I might be up against. I'm a former sexual health educator, so I have knowldge and an ongoing interest in how STIs and other pathogens are transmitted and rendered inactive. The disinfectants I use are the types used in hospital settings. They kill a wide range of pathogens, like Hepatitis B and C (HBV/HCV), Herpes Simplex 1 and 2 (HSV1/HSV2), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), prominent influenza strains, norovirus, SARS, staph, salmonella, e. coli, trichophyton mentagrophytes, etc. I use bleach or hypochlorous acid to kill HPV. When cleaning toys, accessories, furniture, etc, I clean them as best as the material will allow. Silicone and stainless steel are sterilized, I disinfect and use barriers on toys that are porous, rope that goes anyhwere near a risk area is laundered with bleach, and I continuously use new sanitary protection (i.e. gloves, pads) during my scenes. I treat your health the way I'd want to mine to be treated. (Please don't take this to mean you should not disclose any infections or health conditions, or participate in sessions when you believe you have been exposed to something. I don't want to become infected or increase the chance of spreading it to another person.)
  • Will you be submissive to me? Or to me and my girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband/etc?
  • Are you looking for a personal/non-professional play partner, personal slave, or a romantic relationship?
    I'm not looking for a personal play partner or romantic relationship at this time but would consider a handyslave who can do various home improvements, a slave who is well versed in real estate, and a slave who can build furniture. Money slaves are also welcome. If you cannot imagine serving a beautiful and powerful woman with your talents or money then you are too egocentric to be a slave.
  • Do you provide references?
    Absolutely. If you'd like me to provide a reference to another professional, you just need to send me an email *beforehand* to let me know the name of the person who will be contacting me and that you are providing a release for me to discuss my experience with you. (I only provide relevant information, never gossip.) References are provided by email only. Please note that I do not provide references to Dommes who do not provide them to others. I won't extend a professional courtesy to someone who is unwilling to do it Herself. I also refuse the right to provide a reference if I believe the provider is not legitimate or safe for you. I will warn you if I think this is the case. Don't take this to mean I can guarantee everyone's legitimacy or your safety with them.
  • Mistress, I have a connection in Philadelphia and wonder if I might have time to session with you during my layover. Are you close to the PHL airport?"
    I'm a relatively short drive from the airport but I would recommend that you have at least a 3.5-hour layover for a 60-minute session (add a half-hour to your layover for each half-hour of session time, and an additional 15-30 minutes if you will be travelling during rush hour) to ensure that you're not rushed and don't miss your connection. Allow more time if you have bags or additional security requirements. For those flying into Philly wondering if you can have a taxi bring you directly here for a session: yes, you can absolutely do that. Same if you're flying out of Philly and would like to have a scene with me before you depart. Make sure you prepare ahead of time as I do not take same-day requests nor do I make exceptions to vetting procedures. I recommend that when you make a session request you provide me with your arrival and/or departure times so I can help advise and coordinate the appropriate time with you. Please understand that my cancellation policy still applies if you are unable to make your appointment with me.
  • Do you travel?
    I do, though most of my travel is for pleasure. This is in great part because I prefer to hold sessions out of my own personal space, as opposed to something someone else created. This is because I know that my space is set up the way I prefer and cleaned to my standards. So, if you see me traveling to your area and I'm offering sessions, I suggest you book one with me. Who knows if I'll be ever offering sessions from your area again. Any traveling will be noted on my Schedule page (easiest to check), Twitter, and my BDSMlog
  • Are you a licensed therapist?
    I have had training to be a therapist, but I am not licensed. In order to take the exam to become licensed, one needs to obtain at least a Master's degree and complete a certain amount of supervised clinical hours. While I completed some of a Master's degree, I withdrew from the program because the ethical regulations would make it difficult if not impossible for me to be able to be both a Dominatrix and a licensed therapist -- and I prefer being a Dominatrix. Instead, I offer coaching. "Coaching" is a label and activity that is not regulated by law. It allows people to participate in a similar helping relationship without the oversight of regulatory bodies.
  • Can you be a counselor or therapist without a license?
    It depends on the state. In Pennsylvania, where I reside, one does not have to be licensed to offer counseling but one does to call one's self a "therapist". How important is a license? Opinions vary. A license can be a useful safeguard, and it is required in certain instances (e.g. taking payment from insurance companies), however, it does not guarantee the intelligence, competency, or efficacy of the individual. There are people who have high school diplomas who are excellent counselors and therapists; inversely, there are licensed psychologists and psychiatrists who are awful and should be avoided. That said, if you live in a state in which unlicensed counseling is illegal, I cannot offer it to you. However, I can and do offer coaching. If you have any questions or concerns about My qualifications, I'm happy to discuss them with you.
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