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​"I took your advice ... had discussions with my partner and [we] decided to book coaching with you. ... just wanted to say I am beyond happy I found you ... Nothing better than seeing the relief on my partners face after we talked."

— Sonya

As a Dominant with many years of insight and expertise in the psychology and practice of BDSM and relationships, I'm a top choice for couples wanting to explore their kinks together, whether through a BDSM, Kink, and Fantasy session in-person or through Personal Coaching by phone.

What makes me distinguishable is not only my deep understanding of how to conceptualize, develop, and integrate key components that make a successful relationship, but how to effectively act as a catalyst to their realization*.

I enthusiastically welcome couples of any experience level (including those where one has more experience than the other), sex, gender, sexual orientation (including  gay men, who I find especially hot to play with), ethnicity, color, religion, inter/ability, body type, and legal age. This isn't a gimmick, it's foundational to my approach.




Sessions with me can include a variety of activities and can occur within different dynamics**:

D/ss or M/ss: with you both as my submissives or slaves

Dd/s: where I am the lead Dominant, one is secondary Dom, and the other is submissive

DD/s: where the Dominant of your relationship and I co-Dom the submissive.

For more info about my style and what activities I offer (and don't), please check out my sessions, interests, and .limits pages. To book a couples session with me, please follow the instructions on my contact page.




I offer intelligent, thorough, and engaging coaching to help you learn how to incorporate power exchange and kink in your relationship, such as:


  • Helping one feel more comfortable assuming a Dominant role and effectively dominating your partner

  • Helping one feel more comfortable assuming a submissive role and effectively submitting to your partner

  • Switching with one anothe

  • How to negotiate your needs and desires with one another

  • Working with and around challenges (physical, emotional, spiritual)

  • Creating play that makes sense and is exciting and fulfilling for your relationship desires and goals

I also offer support with intimacy, communication, and problem solving. Please see my coaching page for more information.

* Women who feel insecure about playing or being coached by another woman, click here.

** The written form of these dynamics -- D/ss, M/ss, Dd/s, and DD/s -- are something I came up with. So, if you and your partner(s) go looking in for more info about them online or in a book, you won't find anything. If you'd like more info or to talk about how to implement them, book a call!

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