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"You backing off a little from your normal “playstyle” and allowing us to enjoy our “playstyle” to me is the mark of a professional, which in this industry, in case you don’t know, is a little different. ... the best thing you gave us was your ability to enable Barbara to feel as though she was as integral to the session as you were. You did this without diminishing your power or authority.  Well done … You two, for me, were like the “Dream Team”. And you made it happen."

— Gene and Barbara

As a Dominant with many years of insight and expertise in the psychology and practice of BDSM and relationships, I'm a top choice for couples wanting to explore their kinks together, whether through a BDSM, Kink, and Fantasy session in-person or through Personal Coaching by phone.

What makes me distinguishable is not only my deep understanding of how to conceptualize, develop, and integrate key components that make a successful relationship, but how to effectively act as a catalyst to their realization*.

I enthusiastically welcome couples of any experience level (including those where one has more experience than the other), sex, gender, sexual orientation (including  gay men, who I find especially hot to play with), ethnicity, color, religion, inter/ability, body type, and legal age. This isn't a gimmick, it's foundational to my approach.




Sessions with me can include a variety of activities and can occur within different dynamics**:

D/ss or M/ss: with you both as my submissives or slaves

Dd/s: where I am the lead Dominant, one is secondary Dom, and the other is submissive

DD/s: where the Dominant of your relationship and I co-Dom the submissive.

For more info about my style and what activities I offer (and don't), please check out my sessions, interests, and .limits pages. To book a couples session with me, please follow the instructions on my contact page.




I offer intelligent, thorough, and engaging coaching to help you learn how to incorporate power exchange and kink in your relationship, such as:


  • Helping one feel more comfortable assuming a Dominant role and effectively dominating your partner

  • Helping one feel more comfortable assuming a submissive role and effectively submitting to your partner

  • Switching with one anothe

  • How to negotiate your needs and desires with one another

  • Working with and around challenges (physical, emotional, spiritual)

  • Creating play that makes sense and is exciting and fulfilling for your relationship desires and goals

I also offer support with intimacy, communication, and problem solving. Please see my coaching page for more information.

* Women who feel insecure about playing or being coached by another woman, click here.

** The written form of these dynamics -- D/ss, M/ss, Dd/s, and DD/s -- are something I came up with. So, if you and your partner(s) go looking in for more info about them online or in a book, you won't find anything. If you'd like more info or to talk about how to implement them, book a call!

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