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​"Thank you for an incredible experience. The thought and care you put into the session was evident. Any nerves or discomfort I initially felt melted away within moments ... I loved watching the way you crafted the scene and the punishments delivered. Absolutely no issues came up, in fact quite the opposite. ... Thank you for this rich addition to our relationship."

— T (of T & FC)

As a Dominant with many years of insight and expertise in the psychology and practice of BDSM and relationships, I'm an excellent choice for couples wanting to explore their kinks together, whether through a BDSM/kink/fantasy scene or through personal coaching*.

What makes me effective is not only my understanding of how to realize, develop, and integrate key components that make a successful relationship, but how to effectively act as a catalyst to their realization.

I enthusiastically welcome couples of any experience level (including those where one had more experience than the other), sex, gender, sexual orientation (including  gay men, who I find especially hot to play with), ethnicity, color, religion, inter/ability, body type, and legal age. This isn't a gimmick, it's foundational to my approach.


BDSM, kink, fantasy scenes can be:

D/ss or M/ss: with you both as my submissives or slaves

Dd/s: where I am the lead Dominant, one is secondary Dom, and the other is submissive

DD/s: where the Dominant of your relationship and I co-Dom the submissive.


I also offer intelligent, thorough, and engaging coaching to couples who want to learn how to incorporate

power exchange and kink in their relationship, such as:


  • Training one to feel more comfortable assuming a Dominant role and effectively dominating your partner

  • Training one to feel more comfortable assuming a submissive role and effectively submitting to your partner

  • Switching with one another 

  • How to negotiate your needs and desires with one another

  • Working with and around challenges (physical, emotional, spiritual)

  • Creating scenes that make sense and are exciting and fulfilling for your relationship desires and goals

(I also offer coaching to couples needing support with intimacy, communication, and problem solving.. Please see my coaching page for more information.)

Suggested session lengths vary and can be discussed during the consultation.

* Women who feel insecure about playing or being coached by another woman, click here.